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What You Get

Talent: Team of 3-5 Stern students with several years of work experience and skills from rigorous Stern classes; premier Stern faculty and practitioners

Insights: Custom solutions for a business problem or opportunity you've identified; perspective on macro trends and opportunities; extensive research and analysis; a network of leading professionals and academics

Network: Build your brand on campus; develop existing talent by providing supervisory opportunities; educate the next generation of business leaders while building your own pipeline for talent

What You Give

Time: Kick-off meeting; provide project background material; weekly status updates (can be a mix of conference calls and in-person meetings); final student presentations and feedback

Access: Need-to-know data (NDA protected); key internal and external contacts

Commitment: Active, willing engagement with students/professors (#1 indicator of project success); assign project supervisor from the business who can devote weekly time to the team

Past Successful Projects

Clients and students both experience the most success when a project meets the following criteria:

  • Client is able to provice access to key players and information as soon as the project begins
  • There is no planned solution to address the challenge
  • The project can be completed in an academic semester (12 weeks).  While we do have partners work with us each semester, each project is different.
  • Utilizes the unique skillsets that graduate students and faculty provide 
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