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Our application deadline is December 31. Applications to our program are accepted for fall matriculation only.

Application Requirements

All applicants to the NYU Stern School of Business Ph.D. Program are required to submit a complete application for admission. A complete application includes the online application, statement of purpose, optional essay, educational history and resume or CV, letters of recommendation, test scores, academic transcripts, and an application fee.

Each year, we welcome a select group of students to the NYU Stern Ph.D. Program. The following are the general requirements that every candidate should meet in order to apply to the NYU Stern Doctoral Program:
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent;
  • Students from all academic majors are eligible to apply. Having a strong foundation in the basic social sciences, math or engineering, depending on the discipline to which one applies, is preferred;
  • Previous graduate work and professional work experience are not admissions requirements.

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Statement of Purpose

Optional Essay

Education and Resume or CV

Two Letters of Recommendation

GMAT or GRE Score (submitted electronically)

TOEFL, if applicable

Uploaded Official Transcripts

Submitted Online Application

Application Fee


Pre-Doctoral Applicants

Application Materials


Statement of Purpose
You should write a brief and cohesive essay that addresses the following topics:
  • Why you have chosen the area of study for which you are applying?
  • What interests you most about this field, and how did your interests develop?
  • Your professional objectives and how your past experiences contributed to defining those objectives.
  • Possible areas of research you might pursue, including any faculty member's research that is of interest to you.
  • Any research projects that you have completed with faculty.
Your essay should be a maximum of 2-3 double-spaced pages in a 12-point font. Label the top of each essay with the following: Name, Date of Birth (month, day, year), and Page Number. Your essays should be authored entirely by you. An offer of admission will be revoked if any form of plagiarism is discovered.

Optional Essay
The purpose of the optional essay is to get to know you as an individual and as a potential Ph.D. student, and to understand how your background will add to the diversity of our school. Please describe how your personal background has motivated you to pursue a graduate degree. You may discuss educational, familial, cultural, socioeconomic, or personal experiences or challenges; gender identity; community services, outreach services, first-generation college status or other matters relevant to your decision to pursue graduate education. Please note that the Personal History Statement is not meant to be a general autobiography.

You may alternatively use this essay to bring to the Admissions Committee's attention any additional information of a personal or academic nature that should be known in order to ensure a complete and fair evaluation of your application.

This statement is optional and should not exceed two double-spaced pages. It should not duplicate the Statement of Purpose.

Education and Resume or CV
You should provide information for each college and university you have attended full-time for one year or more. You should not list any study abroad programs you have completed while enrolled at the home institution if grades for these programs are included on your transript.

Reporting Your GPA
Please make sure to report your GPA using a 4 point grading scale. If you attended a school that does not use a 4 point grading system, please use the below scale:
Grade GPA Grade GPA
A+ 4.0 C+ 2.3
A 4.0 C 2.0
A- 3.7 C- 1.7
B+ 3.3 D+ 1.3
B 3.0 D 1.0
B- 2.7 F 0.0
International applicants may opt to use the GPA Calculator provided by World Education Services (WES).

Prerequisite Coursework
In your application, please list how you have satisfied our prerequisite coursework, including calculus, matrix/linear algebra, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and probability and statistics.

Honors, Awards and Significant Contributions
In your application, please list any significant articles, books, research or other creative works you have produced, as well as professional organizations to which you belong. You may also list any awards, scholarships or other types of academic recognition you have received.

Resume or CV
Please upload your most recent resume or CV to the online application. The resume or CV can be used to summarize all of your qualifications, including your education, qualifications, honors, and interests.

Two Letters of Recommendation
You are required to submit two letters of recommendation with your application. Please make sure to choose letter writers who are able to evaluate your potential to succeed as a researcher.

Our admissions committee prefers that all letters be written by academics, however, if you have been out of school for some time, you may alternatively use non-academic letter writers.

Individuals writing your letters of recommendation are required to submit them through the online application. During the application process, you will have the opportunity to register your letter writer, and he or she will receive an email with further instructions.

All letters of reference must be received by the application deadline, December 31.

GMAT or GRE Score
All applicants are required to take either the GRE or GMAT and must submit test scores electronically. We do not accept hard copy test scores. No exceptions will be granted. GRE and GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date taken. Expired test scores will not be considered. Please note we do not accept GRE subject tests.
Area of Study Preferred Test Accepted Test
Accounting GMAT GRE or GMAT
Economics GRE GRE or GMAT
Finance GRE GRE or GMAT
Information Systems GRE GRE or GMAT
Management GRE GRE or GMAT
Marketing GRE GRE or GMAT
Operations Management GRE GRE or GMAT
Statistics GRE GRE or GMAT
All applicants must submit electronic, official test scores to NYU Stern's Ph.D. Program Office using the code below. If you previously applied, you must ask the testing agency to resubmit your official test scores. If you applied to a different degree program at NYU, you must still submit your test scores to the Ph.D. Program Office. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot confirm receipt of official test scores. If we need any additional information we will reach out to you directly.
Test Testing Agency School Code
GRE Educational Testing Service (ETS) 2582
GMAT Pearson Vue 5TF-HW-82
TOEFL or IELTS, if applicable
You are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores if your native language is not English. TOEFL or IELTS scores must be submitted electronically, and must be from within the last two years to be considered valid. We do not accept hard copy test scores.

Applicants will be granted an exemption to the TOEFL or IELTS requirement if they have earned a U.S. Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree from an accredited college or university in the United States, or the international equivalent degree from a university of recognized standing in a country in which all instruction is provided in English. In order to be eligible for the TOEFL or IELTS exemption, the degree must be conferred by the application deadline. Applicants with degrees from the U.S., Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom are exempt from taking the TOEFL or IELTS and do not need to request a waiver from the NYU Stern Ph.D. Program Office.

Applicants who have received degrees from colleges or universities in countries other than those listed above and in which English was the only language of instruction must contact the NYU Stern Ph.D. Program Office to request a waiver. In order to be eligible for the waiver, the degree must be conferred prior to the application deadline. Waivers will not be granted if the courses were completed in a country where English is spoken but not all coursework was completed in English.
Test Testing Agency School Code
TOEFL Educational Testing Service (ETS) 2586
IELTS Internatioanl English Language Testing System For the IELTS Academic, search for:

Account Name: New York University Stern School of Business (PhD Program)
Address: 40 West 4th Street, Suite 826
City: New York
State: NY

Uploaded Official Transcripts
You are required to upload copies of your official transcript from each institution that you list in your online application. Your uploaded transcripts must be an official transcript issued by your college or university, and should include the front and back of each page of the transcript.

All transcripts must be legible, and should include the institution's name, degree conferred, and degree conferral date (if applicable).

All applicants must ensure that certified English translations accompany all documents written in languages other than English. Translations must be literal and complete versions of the original records. We must have your transcripts in both the native language and in English for us to evaluate your credentials. Please be sure to include the translations with the transcript documents you upload to your online application.

Do not:
  • Upload an unofficial transcript;
  • Mail a hard copy of your official transcript to our office.
  • Provide separate transcripts for credits that were transferred from a previous institution if the credits and grades are included on the transcript you submit.

If you are admitted to the Ph.D. Program, you will be required to mail a hard copy transcript to our offices. Any discrepency between the uploaded transcript and official hard copy transcript may result in the denial of your application or withdrawal of your offer of admission.

Submitted Online Application
All applicants must apply through our online application. Do not mail NYU Stern School of Business a duplicate paper copy of your online application. 

Application Fee
Our application fee is $100 and is paid online at the time you submit an application. The fee for applicants to the Pre-Doctoral Program will be waived upon request. For information on fee waivers, please see our FAQ section.

All application materials (including test scores and letters of recommendation) must be submitted by our December 31 deadline, 11:59 PM Eastern Time. No exceptions to this deadline will be granted. 

Pre-Doctoral Applicants
Pre-Doctoral Program applicants must apply online using the same online application as applicants to the Ph.D. Program. In the application, select “Pre-Doctoral” under “Intended Area of Study.” There is no application fee for the Pre-Doctoral Program. The application deadline is December 31, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.