Preparing business professionals and students for communication challenges in the 21st century
Susan Stehlik
Director, Management Communication Program
​Clinical Associate Professor
Naomi Diamant
Assistant Dean, Global Executive Education Programs
Clinical Assistant Professor
Brian Hanssen
Clinical Assistant Professor
Diane Lennard
Clinical Associate Professor
Robert Lyon
​Clinical Assistant Professor
David Purdy
​Clinical Assistant Professor
Irv Schenkler
Clinical Professor
Yu Shi
​Clinical Associate Professor
Robert Wosnitzer
Clinical Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Younger
​Clinical Associate Professor

Management Communication Program

–Message from Irv Schenkler

Effective communication is vital for success both at Stern and in the business world. Courses in the Management Communication Program emphasize developing the full range of communication strategies required to become a successful manager.

This program develops a level of knowledge about communication that managers need in order to succeed in today’s business environment—how to analyze audiences, organize ideas effectively, choose appropriate media and how to sell products and ideas to a wide range of audiences. The Management Communication Program offers courses that prepare all professionals for the skills required to compete in business today.

Irv Schenkler, Clinical Professor