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The Center for Global Economy and Business promotes faculty research and development that emphasize the global aspects of modern economies and business. Center activities serve Stern and the University through outreach to the broader community, including the academic, business, and policy worlds, as well as students and alumni.

Research Groups:
Central Banks
Commerce, Regulation and Trade
Economic Fluctuations, Growth and Development
Global Finance

Research Group Operations

  • Hosting of formal seminars and informal workshops
  • Community building, networking and information sharing, including web-based databases with bios, working papers, op-eds, blogs, events, and announcements
  • Organization of conferences, including forums that go beyond the academic community
  • Development of new "Stern metrics," analogous to the systemic risk measures of the Volatility Institute
  • Small grants to facilitate research with minimal bureaucracy
  • Research database development and acquisition
  • Programs that take advantage of and serve NYU's global sites