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Center for Global Economy and Business

The Center promotes faculty research focusing on global aspects of modern economies and business. It also encourages faculty development in various areas of special interest to the University and the global economy, while serving Stern and the University through outreach to the broader community. This includes the academic, business, and policy worlds, as well as students and alumni.

The Center currently supports four research groups comprising Central Banks (Kim Schoenholtz and Paul Wachtel); Commerce, Regulation and Trade (Mike Waugh); Economic Fluctuations, Growth and Development (Laura Veldkamp) and Global Finance (Thomas Philippon); along with a faculty development initiative on China (led by Jennifer Carpenter).

Schoenholtz Small

Professor Kim Schoenholtz is Director of the Center for Global Economy and Business and Professor of Management Practice in the Economics Department, teaching courses on money, banking and financial markets, and on macroeconomics.