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NYU Students, Alumni and Faculty Vie for $200K in the 2015-2016 Entrepreneurs Challenge

Hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs from NYU’s student, alumni and faculty communities gathered in Paulson Auditorium to hear about this year’s Entrepreneurs Challenge. During the official Kick-Off, attendees received information about NYU Stern’s Annual New Venture Competition and Social Venture Competition – both sponsored by Stern’s W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab – and NYU’s Annual Technology Venture Competition, hosted by Stern’s Berkley Innovation Lab and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.
The NYU Stern Entrepreneurs Challenge is the premier platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing entrepreneurial talent at NYU. Lasting eight months, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs with frameworks, mentoring and financial support to stimulate new venture creation. Cash prizes totaling $200K will be awarded to the winners of this year’s competitions.

Professor Luke Williams, executive director of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab, described the four phases of the Entrepreneurs Challenge: Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.  He also highlighted the calendar of events, including boot camps, coaching sessions, practice pitches and clinics.
In a panel of past winners, Nayeem Hussain (Stern MBA ’14), co-founder of Keen Home and finalist in the 2013 New Venture Competition, encouraged fellow entrepreneurs in the audience to be open to feedback and have conviction in your core idea.  Joshua Sakhai (Stern BS ’18), co-founder of Ephemeral and winner of the 2015 Technology Venture Competition, advised audience members to keep focused and tackle one challenge at a time when feeling overwhelmed.  Professor Joonhee Park from NYU’s School of Medicine and PhD student Nessa Ryan from NYU’s Global Institute of Public Health, co-founders of VVF Cup and winners of the 2015 Social Venture Competition, stressed the importance of attending workshops and boot camps to tap into the expertise of NYU’s network of coaches and mentors.
Visit the Entrepreneurs Challenge website for details on eligibility, requirements and key dates associated with the three competitions.
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