Social Impact beyond the classroom

Engaging in social impact at Stern means becoming part of a new generation of socially minded business leaders - one that will have a long-term impact on the health and prosperity of society.

Building on the Social Impact core curriculum, Stern offers a variety of opportunities in and outside of the classroom to complement and enrich students' knowledge and experiences, and to broaden students' perspectives about the role of business in society.

Enriching the classroom experience

NYU Stern offers students a unique opportunity to delve deeper into topics from the social impact core curriculum. Through engaging speakers, workshops, and discussions, students are able to build upon classroom-gained knowledge in an informal setting with professors and peers across class years. These programs normally meet on a designated weekday during common hour. 

"SSP" - Social Solutions Project - First year students
Complementing the Business and Society course, SSP provides students with an interest in social entrepreneurship a space to explore or develop their own social venture business ideas, with the support of faculty mentors, student leaders, and guest practitioners.

"OCCO" - Organizational Communication students
Building on the first year experience, students further explore the intersecting roles that corporations and government entities play, often using New York City as a classroom. Students participate in site visits to companies, social ventures, the UN and more.

"SWERVE" - Law, Business, and Society (LBS) and Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL) students
SWERVE explores questions of justice and what kind of leaders are required in a just society, in reference to the broad themes of the LBS and PRL courses, in light of current geopolitical dynamics and trends in business, and through a close reading of Plato's Republic. The goal of SWERVE is to empower students to educate themselves and become wise leaders.    

"JUST Jobs" - PRL students
This program offers students enrolled in Professional Responsibility and Leadership (PRL) an opportunity to align their personal and professional values by digging into data on their prospective and/or future employers. Students will coordinate with senior executives from JUST Capital, an independent nonprofit research organization that ranks America's companies on issues ranging from fair pay and equal treatment of workers to environmental and community impact, job creation, shareholder management, and more. Students will analyze, reframe and reflect on JUST Capitals's data, comparing industry leaders, identifying market trends, and exploring the stories behind the data. 

Book Club

Join us for the Stern Undergraduate College Book Club series.  Book Club offers an opportunity for students to connect with professors, staff, and fellow classmates in an informal setting, to read a book for pleasure a few times each semester over lunch. Check out the Spring 2019 Book Club selections (both fiction and non-fiction options are available), and RSVP through Stern Life.

Social Impact Council (SIC)

Working closely with Matt Statler, Richman Family Director of Business Ethics and Social Impact Programming, and Mara van Loggerenberg, Associate Director of Social Impact Programming, the Social Impact Council is a student-led organization and go-to resource for students interested in creating impact at Stern and in the NYU Community, highlighting events and opportunities across campus.

Student Clubs

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with socially responsible clubs at Stern, such as:
  • Net Impact
  • PrideCorp
  • Stern Women in Business
  • 180 Degrees Consulting
... and more!