Social Impact initiatives beyond the classroom

Engaging in social impact at Stern means becoming part of a new generation of socially minded business leaders - one that will have a long-term impact on the health and prosperity of society.

Building on the Social Impact core curriculum, Stern offers a variety of opportunities in and outside of the classroom to complement and enrich students' knowledge and experiences, and to broaden students' perspectives about the role of business in society.

Social Impact Stipends

Since 2006, the Stern Undergraduate College has awarded more than 220 social impact stipends to Stern undergraduates who seek to create shared value by tackling 21st century real-world challenges. Undergraduate students interning with a non-profit or government agency, or pursuing an early stage social venture can apply for funds during each semester and break to support these endeavors. Applications for social impact stipends are on a rolling basis.

2018-2019 SI Stipend Application Priority Consideration Dates:
  • Fri., 9/28/18, 5pm - 2018 Fall Semester Cycle Applications
  • Fri., 12/3/18, 5pm - Winter Break 2018/2019 Cycle Applications
  • Fri., 2/8/19, 5pm - 2019 Spring Semester and 2019 Spring Break Cycle Applications

Social Impact Book Club

Join us for the Social Impact Undergraduate Book Club Discussion Series. Check back later for the announcement of the Fall 2018 book club selections! Participation is open to all undergraduate students. In partnership with the Undergraduate Social Impact and Advising teams, this student-driven initiative extends the intellectual journey that is initiated in NYU Stern’s social impact courses. Participants tap into their scholarly curiosity and broaden their intellectual horizons. 

"SSP" - Social Solutions Project - First year students

Complementing the first year social impact core course, SSP provides students with an interest in social entrepreneurship a space to explore or develop their own social venture business ideas, with the support of faculty mentors, student leaders, and guest practitioners.

"OCCO" - Organizational Communication students

Building on the first year experience, "OCCO" students learn more about the role corporations and governments play, and further develop their social venture ideas, learning to communicate them to diverse stakeholders.


"SWERVE" - LBS and PRL students

This fall, students participating in the Swerve co-curricular program will inquire: what is justice?, what kind of leaders are required in a just society?, and how should those leaders be educated? We will raise these questions in reference to the broad themes of the LBS and PRL courses, in light of current geopolitical dynamics as well as trends in business, and through a close reading of Plato's Republic. Our goal is to empower students to educate themselves and become wise leaders.    


Designing your NYU - First years and seniors

This unique peer mentoring program pairs first year students with seniors. Seniors reflect on their career development, provide insights to first year students, and help guide them as they think about their own trajectories at NYU Stern and beyond.


Social Impact Council (SIC)

Working closely with Matt Statler, Richman Family Director of Business Ethics and Social Impact Programming, and Mara van Loggerenberg, Associate Director of Social Impact Programming, the Social Impact Council is a student-led organization and go-to resource for students interested in creating impact at Stern and in the NYU Community, highlighting events and opportunities across campus.

Student clubs

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with socially responsible clubs at Stern, such as: Net Impact, SternCares, PrideCorp, Stern Women in Business, 180 Degrees Consulting, and more.