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Social Impact Initiatives

Forget the “OR.” Embrace the “AND.”
Social Impact @ Stern provides opportunities for you to create shared value while banking “real-world” experiences, deepening your Stern classroom experience, and broadening your perspective and network.

Social Impact Stipends

Since 2006, the Stern Undergraduate College has awarded more than 160 social impact stipends to matriculated Stern undergraduates who seek to use their business education to create "shared value" by tackling 21st century real-world challenges. SI Stipend participants volunteer with nonprofits, intern with government agencies, and explore the creation of their own social ventures during every semester and break period. Apply.

2014-2015 SI Stipend Application Priority Consideration Dates:
  • Fri., 9/26, 5pm - 2014 Fall Semester cycle applications
  • Fri., 12/5, 5pm - Winter Break 2014/2015 cycle applications
  • Fri., 2/6, 5pm - 2015 Spring Semester and 2015 Spring Break cycle applications
  • Fri., 5/1, 5pm - 2015 Summer cycle applications
(See also Wasserman Center Internship Grant)

BIP - First Year Impact (FYI)

The First Year Impact (FYI) program provides a forum for reflection and personal discovery through service and discussion. It augments the Social Impact Core, and is one of two opportunities available to Stern freshmen who are enrolled in a spring section of Business and Its Publics.
Applications for the S15 program are due by Friday, 2/6/15 at 5pm. Apply here. 

BIP - Social Solutions Project Lab (SSP)

The Social Solutions Project Lab provides a small group of freshmen who have an interest in social entrepreneurship with an opportunity to research and develop business ideas that can create shared value. It augments the Social Impact Core, and is one of two opportunities available to Stern freshmen who are enrolled in a spring section of Business and Its Publics.

Applications for the S15 program are due by Friday, 2/6/15 at 5pm. Apply here. 

"OCCO" - Organizational Communication and Its Social Context Co-curricular

OCCO provides Stern undergraduates who are enrolled in a section of SOIM-UB.0065 the chance to:
  • Enhance the OC learning in a small group to explore your personal ideas about social impact;
  • Test potential business ideas for upcoming business challenges;
  • Meet and develop meaningful relationships with like-minded students.
Application submissions for the spring 2015 OCCO program are due by 5pm EST on Friday, 2/6/15. Apply now!

Undergraduate Book Club

SPRING 2015 - Join us to discuss Richard Thompson Ford's Universal Rights Down to Earth. Discussions will occur on Wednesday, 2/18 and Thursday, 2/19 during common hour. Sign up here.

In partnership between the Undergraduate Social Impact and Advising teams, this student-driven initiative was piloted in the spring 2014 semester as a way to extend the intellectual journey that is initiated in Stern’s social impact courses. Professor Mark Brennan, the book club’s faculty champion, is passionate about helping students tap into their scholarly curiosity and broaden their intellectual horizons. 


Social Impact Business Challenge (SIBC)


The SIBC provides an opportunity for Stern undergrads to create "shared value" by developing a business that draws on concepts learned in the Social Impact Core curriculum. SIBC teams need not have a fully formed business plan in place in order to register. The winning team is eligible for up to $70K in seed money through the SIBC and the Berkley Center's Social Venture Competition. All SIBC team members must be enrolled as undergraduates at NYU; at least one must be a Stern undergraduate.

New this past fall semester: The SIBC partnered with Net Impact's "NICE" initiative (Net Impact Collaboration Experience) to provide interested SIBC participants ongoing support, feedback, and community throughout the semester.  We also ran in parallel with a fall 2014 pilot co-curricular opportunity for Stern students enrolled in a fall 2014 section of the 2nd SI Core course, Organizational Communication and Its Social Context (OC).  (NOTE: undergraduate students need not be enrolled in a section of OC to participate in the SIBC, nor is it a requirement for students enrolled in a section of OC AND participating in the SIBC to participate in OCCO. OCCO is an opt-in opportunity available to those enrolled in OC. )
Key Fall 2015 SIBC Dates:
  • Mid-Sept. 2015: Berkley Center Venture Competition Kick-Off (registration recommended)
  • Mid-Oct. 2015 - fall 2015 SIBC Registration/Intent to Compete DUE
  • Mid-Nov. 2015 - fall 2015 SIBC Application DUE 
  • Early Dec. 2015 - fall 2015 SIBC Final Presentations
(See also: (1) NYU's Office of Sustainability's Green Grants program; (2) NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge .)

Stern International Volunteers: GHANA (SOIM-UB.2000)

As a student in this Spring 2015 course, you will take a 3 credit seminar in which we will explore Ghanaian culture, history and laws focusing on the role of property, human rights and environmental concerns. We will consider the roles of law and business as agents for social change. 


Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting (MULT-UB.0103)

In this fall and spring experiential learning seminar course, teams of undergraduates apply lessons learned in the SI Core Curriculum while working with faculty mentors on consulting-based projects that produce value for nonprofit partner organizations.

Social Impact Council (SIC)

Working closely with Matt Statler, Richman Family Director of Business Ethics and Social Impact Programming, and Kristy McCadden, Senior Associate Director of Social Impact Programming, the SIC is a working committee comprised of concerned and involved undergraduate students who fulfill a crucial, on the ground advisory role for the NYU Stern Undergraduate Social Impact administration.

Social Impact @ Stern

Get involved. Create. Social. Impact. The Office of Student Engagement supports many student-led clubs that are grounded in service and social justice foundations.

Social Impact @ NYU

Get involved. Create. Social. Impact. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the larger NYU community. Become a member of the Civic Team, participate in an Alternate Break, or help a child learn to read as a part of America Reads, America Counts. Visit the NYU Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service to learn more about NYU clubs and service and leadership opportunities that await you.

Social Impact @ Stern

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