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    Excerpt from Marketplace -- "Medium's not in that league by any means, and it'll be an uphill battle for them to be able to incentivize people to pay for their content."
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    Excerpt from Kellogg Insight -- "As they combed through their data, the researchers discovered that Twitter was the most widely adopted social media site for corporations. They also learned that businesses that tweet could be broadly categorized into two types: those that tweet to market their products to consumers and those that tweet to create a dialogue with investors."
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "'The Chinese financial services markets will not be easy to penetrate,' said Roy Smith, professor of finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business. 'Chinese connections, relationships, etc. will be hard to replace, plus there may be a resistance to using foreign banks except where they are expected to have a role, and even then growing capabilities of Chinese banks will enable them to increase market share.'"
  • – Faculty News

    Professor Alixandra Barasch is profiled

    January 4, 2017
    the native society logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from The Native Society -- "There are endless ways to contribute to the world, and the world needs many sorts of talents. All I can do is try to find my own way to contribute. At this point, the one thing I’m sure of is that I draw strength from the people around me. I’m honored to be part of a discipline full of such dedicated and talented people. So I do my best to bring people together and make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Part of that is being there when I’m called on in unexpected ways, being open to new things, and being willing to leave my comfort zone. I try to take a 'never say no' approach to work and life."
  • poets and quants logo
    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Williams’ philosophies are grounded in a successful career that includes designing over 100 products and holding 30 patents. Like any great teacher, Williams is simply looking to unlock and magnify the potential talents of his pupils. 'When students start believing that their fundamental purpose is to alter the status quo, rather than preserve it, their motivation and mindset starts to change,' he observes. 'They begin to see opportunities beyond what others have defined as limits.'"
  • bloomberg view logo
    Excerpt from Bloomberg View -- "Graduate student German Gutierrez and finance professor Thomas Philippon of New York University come to a similar place in their new paper, 'Investment-Less Growth: An Empirical Investigation.' They find a marked decline in corporate capital investment relative to profits and valuation, starting around the year 2000, and a big increase in payouts to shareholders (dividends and buybacks, although the increase has mostly been in buybacks)."
  • atlantic logo feature
    Excerpt from The Atlantic -- "The researchers, Stephen Brown, Yan Lu, Sugata Ray, and Melvyn Teo, began with a hypothesis about a psychological trait called “sensation seeking.” As they write, the trait is 'defined by the seeking of varied, novel, complex, and intense sensations and experiences, and the willingness to take physical, social, legal, and financial risks for the sake of such experience.' Major sensation seekers, in other words, are the sort of people who probably make for good Hollywood protagonists, and they are more likely to step outside the law. Among other correlates established by earlier research, people with the trait are less careful with spending and engage in risky driving. So when their disposable incomes start to swell, the researchers reasoned, they are more likely to stop by a Ferrari showroom than a Subaru lot."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "Limiting work used to be simple: it was just a matter of imposing shorter shifts. The seamless, addictive nature of digital communication makes it harder. But companies have a stake in realising 'how damaging social media and tech addiction can be', as Adam Alter, author of Irresistible, a forthcoming book on digital addiction, argues."
  • efinancialcareers logo
    Excerpt from eFinancialCareers -- "David Kim will join the financial institutions group (FIG) in the investment banking division at J.P. Morgan after graduating with a B.S. in finance and management from New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he is the president of the NYU Stern Pride Corp and participates in the Inter-Club Council. He worked as a data analytics intern at Netsertive and a summer analyst at J.P. Morgan. ... Lauren Friedman will join RBC Capital Markets after graduating with a B.S. in finance and marketing from NYU Stern, where she participates in the marketing society, investment analysis group, undergraduate women in business and intramural basketball. She worked as a summer analyst at Moelis and Co. and RBC."
  • wallethub logo
    Excerpt from WalletHub -- "The question, therefore, is not only whether the diamond prices will continue to drop based on factors that determine the global economy, but also whether diamonds can still capture the imagination of consumers and whether these consumers are willing to pay premium prices for diamond jewelry."
  • reuters logo feature
    Excerpt from Reuters -- "'(It's) a mistake by Indonesia, which needs JPMorgan's support and advice more than the bank needs Indonesia,' Smith said. 'No effort by governments unhappy with research calls to "discipline" the banks have been successful, though efforts are made from time to time to satisfy local political expectations.'"
  • MEL logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from MEL -- "'Generational tensions clearly foster more discrimination, and vice versa,' North adds. 'The main difference the perception of generational tension appears to be greater than at any point in recent memory. Age discrimination charges have steadily risen as older adults remain in the workforce longer than ever. On the younger side, unemployment rates are uncomfortably high. It’s created a unique climate of age discrimination and generational tension that clearly needs to be resolved.'"
  • forbes logo feature
    Excerpt from Forbes -- "Chen studies machine learning, high-dimensional statistics and operations research. These lead to new learning methods and approaches for big data analysis, with applications for business, medicine, and more."
  • bloomberg logo new
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "Unfortunately, if the US gives up on its multilateralist, internationalist approach, if it's going to think about its own strict national interest, that's going to create a variety of tensions."
  • Architects Newspaper 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Architects Newspaper -- "Then there was the hugely anticipated release of the Atlas of Urban Expansion, a collaboration among New York University, UN-Habitat, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. After years of analyzing satellite data, Professor Shlomo Angel and his team revealed conclusive proof that the footprints of cities are expanding faster than their populations."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "What [American workers] need, says Robert Salomon, a professor at New York University’s business school, is a social safety net, and new skills to qualify for the high-tech positions American companies are trying to fill these days. 'The US has to create systematic programs to retrain them for that economy of tomorrow, not yesterday,' Salomon says."
  • forbes logo feature
    Excerpt from Forbes -- "Grand Street Dental exemplifies a thorough and classic approach to marketing, design, and innovation, normally utilized by large companies. What I found so extraordinary and more importantly, what patients will be impressed with and want to spread virally, is the unusual level of patient experience empathy at every point that a brand impression can be made."
  • cosmopolitan logo
    Excerpt from Cosmopolitan -- "You're less likely to break a big bill, a study in the Journal of Consumer Research found."
  • harvard business review logo feature
    Excerpt from the Harvard Business Review -- "Our analysis showed that the less successful retailers had continued to chase growth by opening new stores far past the point of diminishing returns. By contrast, the successful retailers had drastically curtailed expansion and instead relied on operational improvements at their existing stores to drive additional sales. This allowed them to increase revenues faster than expenses, which had a powerful positive impact on earnings."
  • Ethical Systems Logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Ethical Systems -- "Stern, with its location in the world’s financial center, and its award-winning faculty and students who are focused on finance, can play a unique role in addressing the structural problems of shareholder capitalism and the Center for Sustainable Business can assist the transition to a capitalism better suited to the needs of the 21st century. The moment is right because a growing number of business leaders such as Paul Polman at Unilever, John Mackey at Whole Foods and Larry Fink at BlackRock are questioning the benefits of short-termism and are turning to their broader purpose in society. These business leaders need research, networks and employees who can help them on this journey and CSB can be a key partner."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "Ghose recommends that Apple should 'partner with some of the local app developers so that the content and features are customized to the Indian market' and take a page out of Amazon’s playbook to license deals with major movie and music studios for digital content."
  • poets and quants logo
    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Peter Henry, dean of the NYU Stern School of Business, endorses the 'team of rivals' approach: 'Seek out people and perspectives that challenge your viewpoint and way of thinking,' he says. 'Some of the best ideas come from embracing difference.'"
  • wall street journal logo feature
    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "At the RBI, Mr. Acharya will be in charge of monetary policy and research, according to a statement issued by the central bank. The role has been overseen by R. Gandhi–another of the four deputy governors–since September when the then-Deputy Governor Urjit Patel was promoted to governor to succeed Mr. Rajan."
  • scientific american logo feature
    Excerpt from Scientific American -- "Psychologists have known for some time, thanks to work led by Nira Liberman from Tel Aviv University and Yaacov Trope from New York University, that goals look different in the distant versus near future. Three months ago, when you booked your holiday travel, you probably had some abstract notions of 'family togetherness,' 'relaxation,' or 'adventure.' The night before you left, however, you probably had some more immediate concerns in mind. Concerns like, 'How is all this stuff going to fit in the suitcase?' and 'Will I be able to get an Uber driver at 4:45 AM?'"
  • japan times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Japan Times -- "Arun Sundararajan, a professor researching the sharing economy at New York University’s Stern School of Business, noted the industry’s potential in his keynote speech at the summit. 'Japan has a huge advantage in growing in sharing economy because it seems that there is a fundamentally high level of trust in society within groups,' he said."


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