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  • HollenderFeautre
    Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, and Meika Hollender (MBA ’13) Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sustain Natural, will join MBA students and alumni for a 2017-18 Speaker Series Event.
  • clear admit logo feature
    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Amazon hired more Stern graduates in the Class of 2017 than any other company, marking the first time that a technology company topped the list of leading employers. In the past five years, technology placements have more than doubled, and they jumped almost 7 percentage points in the past year alone. Stern also last spring announced the launch of a new specialized one-year Tech MBA program and is currently accepting applications for its inaugural class."
  • marketplace radio logo feature
    Excerpt from Marketplace -- "I think people who own these things have a certain appetite for risk...What you're talking about with digital currencies is much more idiosyncratic risk which is unique to the asset but not tied to the overall economy."
  • ny1 logo feature
    Excerpt from NY1 -- "Most of these companies have policies in place and if it gets that outrageous that they have to fire people in 24 hours, then I have to question whether those policies are working. ... Companies need to start rebuilding trust with their workforce and if they have a policy in place and someone's complaining, they're supposed to do an investigation, they're supposed to get back to the person who's accusing and they're supposed to get back to the person who's been accused."
  • CFO magazine
    Excerpt from CFO -- "Companies’ share prices plummet when they file Form NT ('non-timely'), despite stated expectations to meet their deadlines, according to a paper published by professors Eli Bartov of New York University and Yaniv Konchitchki of the University of California at Berkeley in the December issue of the American Accounting Association’s journal Accounting Horizons."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "He believes that payments from content companies to internet providers would end up in the pockets of the internet provider’s stockholders, and not be passed on consumers. 'Right now we don’t see companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon coming to AT&T begging for prioritization,' Economides told Quartz. He said that instead, we see AT&T coming out and saying we want a new revenue stream."
  • citylab logo
    Excerpt from CityLab -- "Find the universities that are gaining the most traction in engineering or STEM and you’re going to find an ecosystem that can produce a unicorn. My money would be on St. Louis, because of Washington University, which is starting to attract the finest human capital in the nation. Whoever gets the smartest 18-year-olds, 10 years later, they get a unicorn. Pittsburgh is also a great candidate because of Carnegie Mellon. You know how they say 'follow the money'? I say follow the university rankings, specifically for engineering schools."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "Prof Yermack at NYU Stern says blockchain technology 'is really changing every industry'. Describing its potential as 'probably as important as the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping', he says there is 'enormous student interest for this, for the jobs it offers'."
  • australian financial review logo feature
    Excerpt from the Australian Financial Review -- "'Bitcoin is by consensus the most secure computer network ever developed,' says Professor David L. Yermack, chairman of the finance department at New York University's Stern School of Business. 'Many financial institutions have recognised that blockchains are potential conduits for many assets, including digital currency, shares of stock, real estate titles, and the like. Rather than constructing a blockchain from scratch, one might use an existing blockchain as the infrastructure upon which new markets can be layered.'"
  • clear admit logo feature
    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "For the Class of 2017 we had almost 17 percent go into the tech industry. That’s up from 10 percent last year, which is a significant increase that we are thrilled to see. Amazon is now our very top employer, and IBM and Google tied for sixth. I think it’s also changed some of the curriculum here at Stern. We have added a Fintech MBA specialization, which employers are well aware of. It really helps us position our students, because they have such a terrific opportunity to learn here at Stern about business and how tech is impacting where the growth opportunities might be."
  • Shift_Ahead_Upcoming_Feature
    On November 27, the NYU Stern Office of Alumni Relations will host the next installment of the "Author Lecture Series" featuring Professors Joel Steckel and Allen Adamson. The two will discuss research and findings from their new book entitled Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World. President Emeritus John Sexton will moderate the conversation. 
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University and the author of The Four, a book about Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, says the Honest Ads Act is simply 'window dressing' to make the Senate look like it is doing something. He points out that regulators have failed to shake up Facebook, which benefits from a large cash pile and earnings momentum that is unlikely to be lost any time soon."
  • cnnmoney logo feature
    Excerpt from CNNMoney -- "Businesses in hurricane-prone zones could also see their premiums go up, White warned. 'Insurance is all about the insurer’s perception of forward-looking risk,' said White. If a hurricane like Harvey makes insurers believe that Houston is more likely to be hit again, 'then for sure someone’s premiums are going to go up.'"
  • myAJC logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from myAJC -- "Amy Webb, who forecasts digital trends for nonprofit and for-profit companies, said, 'I think to a millennial, who’s grown up in a very different world, one that’s more participatory because of the digital tools that we have, to them they want to feel like they’re making an investment. Not just that they’re investing their capital, but they’re investing emotionally.'"

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  • topMBA logo
    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "'Talk to alums from your MBA program, or partner with professors to try to find a project you can do over the break,' says Beth Briggs, assistant dean of Career Services at New York University Stern School of Business. 'Even short-term engagements can provide you with really good experiences, that you can add to your resume and talk about in future interviews.'"
  • washington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "The SEC filed 62 enforcement actions against public companies and their subsidiaries in fiscal 2017, a 33 percent decline from the previous year, according to another study released earlier this month by the New York University Pollack Center for Law & Business and Cornerstone Research."
  • us news and world report logo feature
    Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "'Even if they're not using credit card information, [imitating a popular app] makes the app a suitable publisher for viewing different kinds of display ads or banner ads,' explains Anindya Ghose, the Heinz Riehl chair professor of business at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business."
  • san francisco chronicle logo feature
    Excerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle -- "'We’ve already got very well-developed curricula to prepare people for full-time jobs,' he said. 'But the science of education to transition to something other than being a full-time employee is more nascent. The true promise here is laying the foundation for a much broader audience for this kind of education.'"
  • nbc news online logo
    Excerpt from NBC News -- "The study entitled 'Enhancing Transparency and Control When Drawing Data-Driven Inferences About Individuals,' is a joint research material by Daizhuo Chen from Columbia Business School, Northeastern University's Samuel Fraiberger, Robert Moakler and Foster Provost from Stern School of Business, New York University."
  • bloomberg businessweek logo feature
    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "Radical transparency would clash with prevailing corporate instincts—and would have to be tempered by careful protection of user privacy—but it could open the industry to new ideas and win it new levels of trust."
  • marketwatch logo feature
    Excerpt from MarketWatch -- "'Mobile devices have become a blessing in disguise for offline retailers,' said Ghose. Initially, they were used by bargain-hunting shoppers who ultimately spent their money on Inc. or some other site with a better price. 'Now the same mobile device is giving them an instrument to get location-based, context-based coupons,' said Ghose. 'It can prevent poaching by sending shoppers an offer that surprises [and] makes them happy.'"
  • CNBC logo feat
    Excerpt from CNBC -- "I certainly think that the role of the government here is going to be to step to the line but not cross it so to speak, to put enough pressure on the large platforms to come up with good effective ways of investing many more resources into their governance. Honestly, I don't think anybody has the right answer to how to prevent something like this from happening. It is clear Facebook has to do more, it is clear that Google has to do strategy at this point would be to put short term profitability on hold while you make sure that more aggressive government regulatory action doesn't affect you adversely in the long run."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "New York University’s Stern School of Business next year hopes to enroll 30 students with technology experience into a new Tech MBA. The programme will use a 12-month format, rather than the more common two-year model with a summer internship. Peter Henry, NYU Stern dean, says the one-year format is a better fit with technology employers such as CommonBond, because they rely less on internships to hire MBAs than employers such as banks."
  • washington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "'They’ve enjoyed tremendous success, but it’s come at a significant cost,' said Arun Sundararajan, professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. 'It’s important that they don’t lose sight of the fact that there’s important work to be done to justify their extremely high valuation and the tremendous amount of private venture capital they’ve raised pre IPO.'"
  • washington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "'If someone is allowed to participate in luxury, not even own it, but to look at it, your heart opens up and your spirit is lifted,' Serdari says. When she lectures on luxury, she encourages executives to ask themselves: 'Can your company produce the next item that will be in the Met in 200 years?' Luxury is not merely something that’s expensive or something that bears a famous name. And it is not an indictment of a rigged economic system. It’s one of the things that makes the system worth fixing. Luxury products are those 'things that will speak of our civilization in 200 years,' Serdari says. 'Luxury is an expression of civilization at its best.'"


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