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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "'At a top-tier school, it’s not about avoiding going wrong—because you are not going to go wrong. It’s about how right can you go,' he says. You want to choose the place where you will thrive. To get a feel for whether Stern is that place, Gallogly advises applicants to not only completely devour the school website, but also take advantage of the vast array of multimedia and social media resources, online chats and recruiting events around the world."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "'Leaders serve' and Parsa Sobhani exemplifies this maxim. During his time at Stern, Sobhani has run the school’s Graduate Finance Association Conference and helped manage the Admitted Students Weekend. For such efforts, he was awarded the Stern Service Award. In addition, Sobhani has served as a teaching fellow in the Brand Strategy and Investment Banking courses. He will begin work as an associate at Barclays after graduation."
  • BusinessBecause
    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "Isser Gallogly, assistant dean of MBA admissions at NYU Stern, said: 'Military veterans typically bring strong interpersonal skills, discipline, focus, and the ability to solve problems in high-pressure situations. These are all skills which are tremendously valuable to any future career.'"
  • BusinessBecause
    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "NYU Stern ran a similar program ... with around 80 of Stern’s MBA students flocking to Havana. Stern enlisted the help of the Ludwig Foundation, a non-profit that is trying to build links between the US and Cuba. A Stern course last year included lectures by Cuban professors, field trips and talks by Cuban economists. 'Before this trip, Cuba was a country known to me only through high school history classes and the media,' said Stern MBA Erica Rose."
  • – School News

    MBA student Erin Morris is profiled

    June 1, 2015
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    Excerpt from Teen Vogue -- "Becoming a beauty professional is a glamorous goal for many young women, but positions on the STEM side of things--that's science, technology, engineering, and math--tend to be overlooked. 'There are roles ranging from product developers to color chemists,' says Erin, who discovered her niche through engineering internships at L'Oreal before being hired there full-time. 'In STEM there's always something new to do or create--we're transforming the future of beauty.'"
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    Excerpt from Top MBA -- "We encourage EMBA applicants to focus on clarity and organization when putting a résumé together. While the admissions committee is familiar with many different industries, make sure the bigger picture of what you do is not lost in too many details. Review your résumé for dense jargon or acronyms that might be less meaningful to an industry outsider."
  • clear admit logo feature
    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "...Stern this year expanded 'allyship'—a concept promoted within the LGBTQ community of inviting straight peers to serve as allies to LGBTQ community members—to be inclusive of all community members, a first among business schools. As part of Ally Week in April, a full 75 percent of the student body signed the Ally Pledge, promising to serve as allies to one another. 'The Ally Pledge historically has been LGBTQ-specific,' says Hurnyak. 'We changed it so that it includes all people and calls for a promise to respect everyone, making Stern a safe space for everyone.'"
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "My brief time in the country challenged my Western perspective and broadened my worldview in important ways. It’s inspiring to visit a place where people govern their lives differently from the way you govern your own. You not only begin to understand the nuances of their culture but you become sensitive to their unique customs and norms—sometimes even leading you to question why things are the way they are in your own culture. In essence, this is what emotional intelligence (EQ) is all about: bridging differences, building empathy and growing self-awareness."
  • – School News

    Stern's new MS in Accounting is featured

    May 18, 2015
    poets and quants logo
    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "And now a new opportunity is coming, that will prepare college graduates in one year to enter the field at the high levels a CPA certification confers. New York University’s Stern School of Business has just announced a new one-year master’s degree in accounting, which will satisfy the education requirements to become a CPA in New York and many other states. In recent years, increasing regulations on business have spurred rising demand for CPAs, says Thomas Pugel, Stern’s vice-dean of MBA programs."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "A prolific leader and volunteer, Meacham serves as president of Stern’s Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students (AHBBS), Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council in Stern’s Student Government, and Vice President of Marketing and Logistics for Stern Speaks. During her time, she has helped host case competitions, speakers, discussion panels, and charity auctions. Meacham was also the recipient of the President’s Service Award, which recognizes students who make significant impact in the areas of learning, leadership, and quality of student life." Full article:
  • el pilon
    Excerpt from El Pilon -- (translated from Spanish using Google Translate) "According to the advanced studies in the city, Galarza said, they found that there are about 3.3 meters of public space per person in Valledupar, 'similar to the national average, which does not mean that we are doing well on average, really meaning that Colombia has too little public space and especially parks.'"
  • Ally Week_feature
    In April, NYU celebrated Ally Week to promote the practice of “Allyship,” defined as the active and consistent practice of unlearning and re-evaluating beliefs and actions, as a person seeks to work in solidarity with a marginalized individual or group of people.
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "As part of orientation for its full-time and part-time MBA programme, Stern has put students to work on short projects that integrate Google Glass and a clip-on camera called Narrative Clip. An early project had teams using the camera to observe New York City streets and then using that data to develop a proposal for improving traffic safety, says Maya Georgieva, associate director of Stern’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, who lead the project."
  • dhaka tribune logo
    Excerpt from Dhaka Tribune -- "Our assessment is that a valuation of $50bn [for garment industry exports] by 2021 is achievable, but far from guaranteed. To stay on track toward this goal, Bangladesh can’t afford the unsustainability that political unrest, poor working conditions and inadequate infrastructure bring to the garment sector. To make the '$50 billion by 2021' slogan a reality, the garment industry in Bangladesh will have to adopt another refrain since Rana Plaza: 'Business as usual is not an option.'"
  • poets and quants logo
    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "My internship was just as much a chance to learn about the company, as it was to receive a full-time offer, in a short 10 weeks. So I embraced every opportunity I was given to gain exposure to different areas of the company, whether it was taking on an additional project, attending an industry event, or participating in store visits. This was also an opportunity to demonstrate how my previous work experience in advertising translated to a marketing role within the beauty industry."
  • BusinessBecause
    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "At Stern School of Business in New York, students received a combined $200,000 in seed funding at a yearly competition for entrepreneurs, held by Stern’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. RecoverLINK, a mobile healthcare technology designed for heart failure patients launched by two Stern MBAs, among others, took home $75,000 in funding."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "'How and what we learnt was of a different variety because the whole business environment was so different,' [Goldfrank] recalls, adding that this was in itself valuable in that it showed the challenges of operating in such a different economy. The pace of change in Cuba, where no business school yet exists, is a subject of debate. Tom Pugel, vice-dean of MBA programmes at Stern, is more confident than many of his academic peers and predicts that the country will have its own business school in five years."
  • huffington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "I can have all of the book learning in the world, but I must be able to see the situation, accurately assess it, and effectively apply the right knowledge. I now know that if I want to succeed as a leader I must daily train my brain to be ready for these challenges as a leader. The next time a prospective student asks me what I find challenging about business school, I will still say juggling. However, I can now confidently offer them a solution: 'Let me tell you about Stern's mindfulness program.'"
  • time magazine logo feature
    Excerpt from TIME -- "We live in a constantly evolving world. Companies are changing the way they do things. New industries and types of companies are emerging. Having an MBA will ensure you are prepared to flourish in this environment. An MBA gives you a broad base of business knowledge, the confidence and the network to embark on any kind of opportunity, whether it’s at your current organization, a new one or in your own business."
  • the guardian logo feature
    Excerpt from The Guardian -- "...Bangladesh’s garment sector remains a risky place to do business and a dangerous place to work. An April 2014 report by the NYU Stern Center for Human Rights found that industry efforts to improve factory conditions had affected fewer than 2,000 of the estimated 5,000-6,000 workplaces. Complicating the issue, hidden subcontractors do much of the country’s textile manufacturing work. 'The worst conditions are largely in the factories and facilities that fall outside the scope of these agreements,' the report said."
  • metro logo feature
    Excerpt from Metro -- "We would like to see applicants take ownership of the application process and to be accountable. Ultimately, it's your application and you need to be responsible for your part of the process."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "Meanwhile, one small team of researchers at NYU’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights has made it their mission to put all of Bangladesh’s garment factories on a single map. 'You can’t do anything to fix something,' Nayantara Banerjee, a Stern graduate fellow and the project’s manager, told Quartz, 'if you can’t find it.'"
  • china daily logo feature
    Excerpt from China Daily -- "Analysts in academia from across the globe reviewed that market on April 17 at New York University's Stern School of Business. It was sponsored by Stern's Center for Global Economy and Business and the Center for Real Estate Finance Research."
  • vogue india logo
    Excerpt from Vogue India -- "A non-profit, Uplift rehabilitates orphans and juvenile delinquents across India by delivering vocational training alongside a range of 'soft skills' to hundreds of (as he dubs them) at-risk youths. Ever the multitasker, Patel, who has his sights on a career in management consulting, just unveiled Uplift's fifth location in Delhi."
  • metromba logo
    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "The center‘s research will focus on relationships among recruitment companies based in South Asia and construction firms doing business in the Arabian Gulf. The goal of the project is to better understand the incentives and pressures that exist at different points in the chain that are contributing to violations of migrant workers’ rights. The Center expects to publish a report with findings and recommendations in early 2016."


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