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Nicholas S. Economides

Nicholas S. Economides

Joined Stern 1990

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Kaufman Management Center
44 West Fourth Street, 7-84
New York, NY 10012

E-mail neconomi@stern.nyu.edu
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Nicholas Economides is an internationally recognized academic authority on network economics, electronic commerce and public policy. His fields of specialization and research include the economics of networks, especially of telecommunications, computers, and information, the economics of technical compatibility and standardization, industrial organization, the structure and organization of financial markets and payment systems, antitrust, application of public policy to network industries, strategic analysis of markets and law and economics.

Professor Economides has published more than 100 articles in top academic journals in the areas of networks, telecommunications, oligopoly, antitrust, product positioning and on the liquidity and the organization of financial markets and exchanges. He holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, as well as a B.Sc. (First Class Honors) in Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics. Previously, he taught at Columbia University (1981-1988) and at Stanford University (1988-1990). He is editor of the Information Economics and Policy, Netnomics, Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce, the Journal of Financial Transformation, Journal of Network Industries, on the Advisory Board of the Social Science Research Network, editor of Economics of Networks Abstracts by SSRN and former editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization. His website on the Economics of Networks has been ranked as one of the top four economics sites worldwide by The Economist magazine.

Professor Economides is Executive Director of the NET Institute, http://www.NETinst.org, a worldwide focal point for research on the economics of network and high technology industries. He has advised or is advising the US Federal Trade Commission, the governments of Greece, Ireland, New Zealand and Portugal, the Attorney General of New York State, major telecommunications corporations, a number of the Federal Reserve Banks, the Bank of Greece and major Financial Exchanges. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Economist Intelligence Unit. He has commented extensively in broadcast and in print on high technology, antitrust and public policy issues. A complete CV is available at http://www.stern.nyu.edu/networks/cvnoref.html.

Research Interests

  • Telecommunications
  • Network Industries and Network Effects
  • Structure of Financial Markets
  • Industrial Organization
  • Law and Economics

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Microeconomics in the Global Economy
  • Network Economics and the New Economy
  • Strategic Interactions in Markets and Industries
  • Telecommunications Economics & Digital Convergence

Academic Background

Ph.D., Economics, 1981
California, Berkeley

M.A., Economics, 1979
California, Berkeley

B.Sc., Economics, 1976
London School of Economics

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Areas of Expertise


  • Microsoft
  • Verizon


  • Antitrust & Regulatory Issues
  • Globalization & Trade
  • Industrial Organization
  • Microeconomics


  • Internet & Computers
  • Telecommunications

Information, Operations & Management Sciences

  • Net Neutrality
  • Social Media


  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal