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Employer Tuition Payment Plans

Students sponsored by “employer tuition plans” who do not pay in full by the payment deadline, must submit a letter/voucher from the sponsoring employer with their mandatory Tuition & Fees Worksheet authorizing NYU to process the registration at the company’s expense and assuring payment in full upon receipt of the bill.

Students should plan accordingly to make sure they give enough time for their sponsor to have the letter/voucher by the payment deadline.

New York University will extend credit to students who present written authorization from a third party/sponsoring company (parents and relatives are not considered Third Parties) for payment of tuition and/or fees on their organization or corporate letterhead. Please note, We do not extend credit for third party payments to students whose tuition reimbursement plans have any conditions attached to them (i.e., successful completion of course or minimum grade required), they must make full payment up front. There is no guarantee that the condition will be fulfilled and that the company will make any payment.

All letters are subject to review and must include the following information:
  • Students name
  • Student ID number
  • Semester(s)/Academic Year covered
  • Number of points or course work covered
  • Dollar or percentage limit (tuition and/or fees) if applicable
  • Sponsoring company's name, billing address, contact person and telephone number
  • Completed letters can be faxed to our office at (212) 995-3708.

Methods of Payment:

Checks or Wire Transfers only
Please note: We do not accept Credit Card Payments
The extension of credit by the University for an anticipated third party payment does not relieve a student from any financial responsibilities to New York University. If payment is not received from the third party, a student will be held liable for all charges and any interest that may have accrued on their account.

All Third Party checks should be made payable to New York University and sent to:

New York University
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Office of the Bursar
44 West 4th Street Suite 6-110
New York, NY 10012