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Registration & Service Fees

Registration and Service fees are non-refundable after the 100% tuition refund date of each class.

To see the individual class refund dates, please see following link

The Business Writing, Math and Accounting Workshop fee is refundable if you drop prior to the start of each workshop.

Please refer to the Tuition Refund Schedule section for a listing of other non-refundable fees.

Incoming students must notify NYU Stern that they no longer plan to enroll by the following deadline in order to still receive the Lab fee refund-January 9, 2018.
Complete withdrawals from ALL courses during the semester, registration & service fees (including school related fees) are non-refundable after the Official First Day of semester February 5, 2018.

On or after February 5, 2018 in addition the Late Registration Fee and Late Payment Fee, an interest rate of 1% per calendar month or any part thereof (12% annum) will be charged on the total tuition and registration fees for the period starting from the first day of the term, February 5, 2018 until paid in full.