Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with the CCWP?

Students can schedule an appointment online through your Career Account.

  • Sign in to Career Account
  • Select the Calendar tab
  • Select Career Coaching Appt with the CCWP
  • Select Request New Appointment
Alumni can schedule and appointment online through SternConnect
  • Sign in to SternConnect
  • Select the 'Career' tab
  • Select Career Coaching Appt with the CCWP
  • Select Request New Appointment

You can also call us at (212) 998-0235 to schedule an appointment.

Do you take walk-in appointments?

Unfortunately, we do not offer walk-in appointments. If this in an urgent situation, please call us at (212) 998-0235 or email us at and we will do our best to fit you in.

What can I discuss during my appointment?

Our counselors are open to discussing career related topics. Popular subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploring and discovering career options
  • Cover letter review
  • Job search strategy
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Networking techniques
  • Preparing for employment interviews
  • Preparing for performance reviews
  • Personal brand management
  • Resume review
  • Salary negotiations
  • Self-assessment

Do the career coaches specialize in any field? Who is the best person to meet with for finance, consulting, marketing, etc?

All of our career coaches are generalists and can provide guidance for any field.

What services do the CCWP provide, or do I have access to?

CCWP offers a range of services including:

  • Career coaching
  • Live events
  • Webinars
  • Panel discussions

You also have access to Career Account, an online resource for your career-related needs.

How do I access the Alumni Network? Is there a listing of Alumni and where they work?

This Stern Alumni website contains the Stern Directory and a listing of regional reps.

We also suggest that you join the MBA Stern School of Business LinkedIn group (the one with more than 19,000 members).

If you are in the process of contacting Stern graduates, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with a career coach to discuss best practices and approaches when reaching out to fellow graduates.

How do I access Career Account?

Students access Career Account through SternLife.

  • Sign in to SternLife
  • Select Career Account (first link under Career heading)
Alumni access Career Account through SternConnect.

*To retrieve your SternConnect login or password contact the Stern Alumni Relations office at (212) 998-4040.

Does the CCWP have reciprocity or relationships with other schools that allow me use their services?

Reciprocity is only available to currently enrolled students and often to recent graduates (within 3 to 6 months of graduation date depending on the school). To access a list of schools that offer reciprocity and for information on how to access these services:

  • Sign in to Career Account
  • Select Career Resource Hub
  • Search for Reciprocity
  • Click on the document link

Do you host career fairs for students and alumni?

Stern hosts one career fair in the Spring that is open to graduating Langone and Executive MBA students, and the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation hosts a Startup career fair for all NYU Students in the Fall . At this time, we do not offer career fairs for alumni. We encourage all alumni who are in the midst of a job search to schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches.

Do you have a list of salary research tools?

Here are some resources you may find helpful. You can also find resources on Career Account. Once signed in, select Career Resource Hub and conduct a keyword search for Wetfeet, Vault, and the Salary Negotiations webinar.

You may also find our Pinterest resource helpful.

Do you have a list of how much money MBA students get paid after they graduate?

There is a NYU Stern Full-Time Placement Report on the Stern website.

Do you have sample resumes and cover letters?

You can access resume and cover letter writing guides as well as sample resumes through Career Account. They are stored under the Career Resource Hub.

Do you have a job board? How can I access it?

Yes, you can access the job board through Career Account. We receive thousands of employment opportunities throughout the year. The job board is updated regularly with MBA targeted positions that vary by industry and range from associate to senior level positions.

Students access Career Account through SternLife.

  • Sign in to SternLife
  • Select Career Account (first link under Career heading)
Alumni access Career Account through SternConnect

 *To retrieve your SternLife login or password contact the Stern Alumni Relations office at (212) 998-4040.

How do I post a job to your job board or setup a recruiter account?

You can submit job postings or setup a recruiter account through our online Stern Recruitment System.

  • Click on Register and Post a Job Immediately
  • Fill out the required information to set up your account
  • Submit a job posting

If you have any trouble, please contact Jackie Dever at (212) 998-0623

Do you have a list of headhunters or recruiters?

Yes, there is a list of recruiters in Career Account. It is stored under the Career Resource Hub. However, there is no formal relationship between NYU Stern and any of the firms listed.

Can you help me reach out to a company and/or recruiter and schedule an interview?

We highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches to discuss your networking approach with these companies - including how to leverage your alumni network.

Do you produce any resume books? What kinds of resumes books do you have?

We offer an Alumni and a Langone and Executive MBA resume book. If you are a student or a graduate, you can upload your resume to the corresponding resume book through the Document section on Career Account. If you are a recruiter and would like to obtain a resume book, please fill out this request form.

I want to be on a panel or deliver a presentation to your students. Whom should I reach out to?

We would love to speak with you about this. Please send us an email with summary of your experience and the topic(s) you would like to speak to/about, and we will forward it to the appropriate contact. Our email is

Are CCWP events and webinars recorded?

Most CCWP events are recorded and posted to Career Account within a week after the event. Information about whether or not the event will be recorded is typically found at the bottom of the event description in Career Account.

How do I access a recording of an event or webinar?

Event and webinar recordings are stored in the Career Resource Hub section of Career Account.

How can I obtain a copy of a presentation used in an event or webinar?

When we are able to, we will post a the presentation under the Career Resource Hub in of Career Account.