PhD Students

All Stern PhD students must have prior consent to work as a Teaching Fellow, Graduate Fellow or Grader/Tutor from the Stern Doctoral Office. Please contact Anya Takos at Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0. All appointments are for one semester only. Therefore, students must reapply and gain Doctoral Office approval for each term and position they intend to work. PhD students fall under the collective bargaining agreement of the UAW-Local 2110 for Graduate Employees at New York University and will receive compensation via payroll which is subject to union dues and taxes. Graders and Tutors are exempt.  For more information, please visit or contact Local 2110 at  Please note that once an applicaiton has been approved by the Teaching Assistance Center the compensation amount cannot be amended due to an increase or decrease in the course enrollment.

Visit the Job Listings page to apply for positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Department Coordinator?

You can find the designated Coordinator's contact information by going to the Department site and selecting the Faculty & Staff tab.

What is the process for getting hired as a TF or GF?

If you have not already been hired by a Professor and are looking for available positions, you may apply to a listed position on the main Student Jobs page. If you have already been selected as a TF/GF by a Professor or Department, you should select the 'apply for an unlisted position' option on the main Student Jobs page to submit an application. Selection processes vary by Department, so specific questions about the inital hiring process should be directed to the Department coordinator.  

How do I find the course number, credit load, and current enrollment for the course I will be a TF?

Please login into Student Web Information System (AIS) and follow the link on the left hand navigation bar to “department enrollments".

Who should I contact with questions about my application?

Please contact your Department Coordinator first.

For questions about showing hiring documents to Human Resources, please contact Pauline Braz at

What is the amount of compensation?

Payment is dependent on enrollment, course credit load, and other factors. Please see contract for more details. Graders are paid $24.00 per student with a minimum of 25 students. Tutors are paid $24.00/hour.

Teaching Fellow--Graduate Student Compensation
Positions Half Credit Course Full Credit Course
0.5 (enrollment of 25-49) $900 $1800
1 (enrollment of 50-84) $1800 $3600
1.5 (enrollment of 85-119) $3600 $5400
2 (MAX 2 full positions)   $7200

Graduate Fellow Compensation
Hours per week for 14 weeks GF Eligibility Rate
5 0.5 position $1800
10 1 position $3600
15 1.5 positions $5400
20 2 positions $7200

Can a position be terminated?

Your employment is at will, which means that you or NYU can terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause. NYU can also withdraw or rescind this offer at any time prior to the commencement of work without restriction.

How am I being paid?

You are being paid by payroll check through Human Resources. These payments are subject to union dues and taxes.

Can I have more than one TF or GF position at the same time?

Yes. However, a student may not exceed 20 hours of work per week during the semester.

What are the rules for Summer positions?

You may work up to 1 full position (10 hours per week) per summer term which includes Summer I,II, and III. May graduates cannot work.

Are all courses eligible for a full teaching fellowship?

No. Position and compensation are based on enrollment and course credit load.

Can a teaching fellow receive additional compensation for private tutoring?

No. Students may not make independent arrangements for additional compensation to tutor students in the class to which they are assigned as a TF. Petitions for exceptions to this policy must be accompanied by the following, submitted in writing by the instructor: (1) A complete description of the TF's responsibilities (2) A guarantee that the TF will not be engaged in any interpretive assessment of student work.

Can a student from a school other than NYU participate in this program?

Yes but only with approval from the department Administrative Coordinator and the Stern Dean’s Office.