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Major or Concentrate in Finance

The finance curriculum can be divided into two subfields - corporate finance and investments/capital markets. The finance chart lists the advanced electives by the subfield to which they belong and the associated prerequisites. Note that the material in several courses overlaps both subfields.

If you are not concentrating in Finance, but would like to be have some exposure to corporate finance and investment/capital markets, Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2) followed by Corporate Finance (FINC-UB 7) provides an excellent overview of these two areas in finance.

No more than six finance courses beyond FINC-UB 2 should be taken as part of a student’s program of study.

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.

Finance Program Requirements (12 units)

To complete the finance area of study, students must complete the following courses in addition to Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB):   
Corporate FinanceFINC-UB 7 
3 Advanced Finance ElectivesPlease see the list of advanced finance courses.


Advanced Finance Courses

Advanced Corporate FinanceFINC-UB 8
Alternative Investments I: Principles and StrategiesFINC-UB 15
Alternative Investments II: Practice and ApplicationsFINC-UB 16
Risk Management in Financial InstitutionsFINC-UB 22
Topics in Emerging Financial MarketsFINC-UB 23
Debt InstrumentsFINC-UB 26
Behavioral FinanceFINC-UB 29
International Financial ManagementFINC-UB 30
Real Estate and Investment StrategiesFINC-UB 35
Real Estate Capital MarketsFINC-UB 38
Real Estate Primary MarketsFINC-UB 39
Equity ValuationFINC-UB 41
MicrofinanceFINC-UB 42
Futures and OptionsFINC-UB 43
Investment BankingFINC-UB 45
Principles of Security Trading FINC-UB 49
Mergers, Acquisitions, and RestructuringFINC-UB 50
Topics in Entrepreneurial FinanceFINC-UB 61
Hedge Fund StrategiesFINC-UB 66
Independent Study in FinanceFINC-UB 94-99
Financial Modeling and AnalysisACCT-UB 23
Macroeconomic Foundations for Asset PricesECON-UB 233
Risk & Portfolio Management with EcometricsMATH-GA 2751
Derivative SecuritiesMATH-GA 2791
Continuous Time FinanceMATH-GA 2792
Global Macroeconomic IssuesMULT-UB 230
The Financial SystemMULT-UB 27

Meet with Your Adviser

To ensure proper concentration/major progress consult your Academic and Faculty Adviser.