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Concentrate in Marketing

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.

Students interested in marketing research are encouraged to consider a secondary concentration in Statistics.

Marketing Program Requirements (12 units)

To complete the marketing area of study, students must complete the following courses in addition to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1)
Consumer Behavior MKTG-UB 2
Research for Customer Insights (formerly Marketing Research) MKTG-UB 9
6 Units of Advanced Marketing Electives Can be any combination of 2 or 3 unit courses. See list approved advanced marketing courses.

Approved Advanced Marketing Courses

Advertising Management MKTG-UB 3

Requires sophomore standing.
Managing Creative Content Development MKTG-UB 4
Business of Publishing MKTG-UB 19
Business of Film MKTG-UB 20
Entertainment Finance MKTG-UB 21
Movie Marketing MKTG-UB 22
Impact of Technology on Entertainment and Media MKTG-UB 23
Business of Broadway MKTG-UB 25
Entertainment and Media Industries MKTG-UB 40
Media Planning and Research MKTG-UB 41
Television Management MKTG-UB 44
Social Media Strategy MKTG-UB 45
Globalization of the Entertainment Industry MKTG-UB 46
Sports Marketing MKTG-UB 47
The Business of Producing MKTG-UB 49
Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Tribeca Film Festival MKTG-UB 51
Pricing Strategies MKTG-UB 53
Data Driven Decision Making MKTG-UB 54
Brand Strategy MKTG-UB 55
Digital Business Strategies MKTG-UB 56
Digital Marketing MKTG-UB 57
The Business of Video Games MKTG-UB 58
Designing and Developing New Products MKTG-UB 60
Launching and Managing New Products MKTG-UB 61
Global Marketing Management MKTG-UB 64
Decision Making Strategy in Marketing and Management MKTG-UB 65
Leisure Marketing MKTG-UB 80
Luxury Marketing MKTG-UB 85
Independent Study in Marketing MKTG-UB 94-99
Decision Models: Spreadsheets and Analytics MULT-UB 7
Competitive Analysis MULT-UB 15
Advanced Decision Models MULT-UB 16
Search and the New Economy MULT-UB 36


Meet with Your Adviser

To ensure proper concentration progress consult your Academic and Faculty Adviser.

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