Concentrate in Statistics

Statistics is the fundamental tool for business organizations (marketing, corporate finance, investment finance), government agencies, and scientific research laboratories. You will use data and knowledge about randomness to condense and contextualize information to provide insight into the process of generating the data. Subtopics include descriptive statistics (summary measures, organization, and presentation of the data), data analysis (small and large data sets, social networks, and artificial intelligence), and statistical inference (decision making and producing accurate forecasts). Students with backgrounds in these areas can explore growing job opportunities across industries, including the in-demand roles of statisticians, data scientists, and actuaries.

We recommend choosing a secondary area of study if you select statistics as a concentration. If you're interested in marketing research, consider supplementing your statistics studies with a concentration in marketing. Other complimentary concentrations include finance and economics.

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please see the Course Index.

To complete the statistics area of study, students must complete the following courses:

Statistics Program Requirements (12 units)
Requirement Courses
Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis


Statistical Interference and Regression Analysis

Requires the Business Core at Stern

These courses have additional mathematics and other prerequisite requirements
3 Advanced Statistics Electives (9 units) Any STAT-UB elective or approved course (see below).


Additional Courses Approved to Count as Statistics Electives
Course Name Couse Number
Data Mining for Business Intelligence TECH-UB 57
Decision Models and Analytics MULT-UB 7
Decision Making Under Uncertainty MULT-UB 16
Decision Analytics for Sports OPMG-UB 54

Note: A Stern elective course may satisfy only one concentration requirement (e.g., Data Mining for Business Intelligence can count toward the Info Systems concentration requirement OR as an advanced statistics elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements).