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Internship Policies

Internships are a wonderful complement to classroom learning, and can be a valuable part of a student's education, especially with all of the exciting opportunities offered in New York City. Effective spring 2014, Stern will launch a new 0.5-credit elective course, Business Practicum, designed to help students learn leadership and interpersonal skills that will allow them to effectively apply their classroom knowledge to the workplace.

Course Information:

Title: Business Practicum, MULT-UB 71
Credits: 0.5
Grading Basis: Pass/Fail only
Course Format: Online modules and final essay
EFFECTIVE SUMMER 2014 Course Fee: $85
  • Open to Stern undergraduate students only (B.S. and B.P.E programs) who have completed at least a year in residence at NYU (or from an accepted transfer institution); sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • Counts as a Stern elective
  • Course will be offered Fall, Spring and Summer terms
  • Students may only take the course once per semester
  • Deadline to apply for the summer course: CLOSED

Registration Process:

1. Student obtains an internship offer

2. Submit the following to the Advising Office:

- A letter addressed to Stern Undergraduate College (original signature, no copies):
● On the company's official letterhead
● Clearly states duties
● Includes a brief outline of the educational component
● States the hours of work per week - indicate salary or wages (if applicable)

- NYU legal contract signed by a company representative. (must be an original signature)

● Students must obtain this contract for both a paid or an unpaid internship
● No faxing, electronic submissions, etc. allowed

- Stern Business Practicum agreement form 
3. Upon approval from Stern Advising, students will be registered by an adviser into the Business Practicum course for the given semester.

** All documents available at the Advising Office in Tisch Hall Suite 616

After Registration:

  • Students will receive additional information via e-mail after enrollment.
  • Upon completion of the internship course, and no later than August 16, 2014 (for the summer 2014 semester), the student must submit the following to the front desk of the Stern Advising Office: (a) certificate of successful completion of the online component of the internship course (b) an essay describing their internship, the work that they performed and what they learned from the experience (please be sure to include full name and NYU ID number on the essay).
  • International Students: Bring proof of course registration and other required documents to the Office of Global Services (OGS) to obtain Curricular Practical Training which will take about 5-7 business days. Students should note that if this internship course is not successfully completed in the required time period, this failure will be reported to OGS who may report it to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Please note that if a student registered for this course wishes to drop it at any point in the semester, a letter must be provided to Stern Advising from the company stating that the company has been notified that the student is dropping the course. In addition, international students who drop the course will be reported to OGS.

Additional internship policies:

Stern will only sign the contracts related to and associated with the Business Practicum course; Stern will not sign other contracts and liability waivers provided by companies.

Scheduling conflicts with internships are not an acceptable excuse for failing to meet your academic obligations including, but not limited to, attending class, arriving to class on time, taking scheduled examinations, completing homework assignments, fulfilling group work obligations, and addressing registration issues.

Contact the Career Center

NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development is a great resource you should pursue.