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Internship Credit

Internships are a wonderful complement to classroom learning and can be a valuable part of your education, especially with all of the exciting opportunities offered in New York City. We encourage you, where possible, to seek out internships with built-in compensation, however, we recognize that certain internship opportunities or your immigration status might require earning college credit as part of the internship experience in lieu of or in addition to monetary compensation. In these instances, we offer the Business Practicum course which allows you to earn credit as a compliment to your internship experience.

Apply for the Business Practicum Course: MULT-UB 71

Apply for Business Practicum via Stern Life. Updated dates and deadlines can be found within the application.

Application Time Table (*subject to change*)


Application Opens: Mid-July
Application Deadline: Early October


Application Opens: Mid-December
Application Deadline: Mid-February


Application Opens: Mid-April
Application Deadline: Early June

Course Information

Title: Business Practicum, MULT-UB 71
Credits: 0.5
Grading Basis: Pass/Fail only
Course Format: Online assignments detailed in the course syllabus and in NYU Classes
Course Fee: $85

Additional Course Details

  • Enrollment in the course is not guaranteed, you must apply to be admitted to the course, specifically demonstrating that the internship has clear business content and application and provide all required documentation and signatures by the deadlines provided
  • The course is open to Stern undergraduate students only. You can apply as early as the summer after freshman year, having completed at least a year in residence at NYU (or from an accepted transfer institution).
  • The course counts as a Stern elective
  • The course is offered in all terms (fall, spring, and summer) except for the January term. You may only take the course once per semester and it can be repeated up to five times (maximum). 
  • This course adheres to the regular semester withdrawal schedule
  • Following admission and enrollment into the course, you will receive additional information about the course content and instructions on NYU classes and via email. 
  • Upon completion of the Business Practicum course, you are required to submit the course assignments through the NYU Classes Portal (as posted in the class syllabus).

International Students and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization

If you are an international student who requires CPT authorization following enrollment into the Business Practicum course, please note the following:

  • Upon your registration into the course, you will be required to bring proof of enrollment and other required documents to the Office of Global Services (OGS) to obtain CPT authorization. This process can take up to 7-10 business days. 
  •  If your internship course is not successfully completed in the required time period, this failure will be reported to OGS who may report it to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • If you wish to drop the course following enrollment and authorization, you must obtain a letter from your employer and provide it to the Stern Advising Office stating that they were notified of the course being dropped. This will also be reported to OGS.

Additional Internship Policies

  • Stern only signs the contracts related to and associated with the Business Practicum course. We will not sign other contracts and liability waivers provided by companies.
  • Scheduling conflicts with internships are not an acceptable excuse for failing to meet your academic obligations including, but not limited to, attending class, arriving to class on time, taking scheduled examinations, completing homework assignments, fulfilling group work obligations, and addressing registration issues.