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Program Overview

Term Dates

  • Fall semester: late August to late December
  • Spring semester: mid-January to late May
  • Summer Program: late June to mid-August
Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

HKUST Semester Program


"By becoming an Exchange student at HKUST, you will enter an exciting chapter in your life. The University campus occupies a 60-hectare (150-acre) site of sweeping natural beauty on the Clear Water Bay peninsula in East Kowloon. You will also find that Hong Kong is a city of life & colors. Our mission is to provide a holistic academic experience, developing the intellectual & personal strengths of our students. We believe that the Student Exchange program is an integral part of the HKUST undergraduate experience and international students add a dimension of cultural vitality to campus life. Our school has much to offer both academically & culturally. Many of the faculty at the HKUST Business School have previously taught at top business schools around the world. They are attracted to HKUST for its excellent research and teaching environment, and the opportunities to do research on the economic and management issues in Asia." - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Approximate Living Expenses

  • Housing: UG halls range from HK$5,500 - HK$7,500 for a twin bedroom per semester including utilities except for electricity expenses for air-conditioner in the room
  • Food (no meal plan available): approximately HK$35/meal on campus
  • Books & Class Reading Materials: approximately HK$1,500/semester
  • Local Transportation & Personal Expenses: approximately HK$12,000 per semester
  • Health Insurance: approximately HK$1,950 for 5 months coverage

Language of Instruction



Exchange students will have accommodation on-campus depending on availability.  Students should pay attention to the housing deadlines and the submission information as application forms are to be directly submitted to the Student Housing Office (SHO).  Halls range from HK$5,500 – 7,500/semester.

Student Services

  • Academic Advising
  • Buddy Program: Through this program, we hope that exchange students can more easily adapt to their new environment. Buddies will also provide airport reception. A buddy activity is usually organized on the Saturday after the Orientation.
  • International Students Service (ISS): The ISS is housed in the University Student Affairs Office and works with the student organization, AISEC, to organize extracurricular activities for the exchange-in students.
  • Computer Services: Each exchange student is given an e-mail account after she/he has officially registered into the program. Computer facilities are easily accessible.

HKUST Summer Program

Summer Program Overview

HKUST offers an eight week International Summer Exchange Program from the end of June until mid-August every year for its partner schools' students. Stern students can take between 3 to 9 credits at HKUST and transfer back the same amount of credits to their Stern degree, pending course approval by Stern. Local excursions and cultural activities will be arranged exclusively for participants and there will be ample activities and events for students to interact with each other and local HKUST students.

Approximate Living Expenses (Summer Program)

NYU summer tuition applies to this program on a per credit basis, ranging from approximately $4,158 (for 3 credits) to $12,474 (for 9 credits). This is in addition to HKUST program fee of 7,650 HKD (approx. $994 USD) for housing, visa and insurance fees.  You should also expect additional expenses for transportation, books and personal expenses   - similar to the expenses outlined above for the semester program.