Course Faculty Evaluation

Course Faculty Evaluations are administered over a one-week period at the end of each semester or module. Professors may choose to open the CFE for their course either prior to or immediately following the due date of the final deliverable (exam, paper, project, etc.) for the course. Students will receive two emails informing them of the CFE policy, timeline and how to complete the CFE online. Students must pay careful attention to the deadlines of each individual CFE as students will not be permitted to fill out an evaluation after the deadline has passed.

All students must fill out an online Course Faculty Evaluation for each course for which they are registered. CFEs are a critical assessment tool of class and instructor quality that assists students in course selection. Because CFEs are only effective if all students contribute their feedback, grades are withheld from students who do not complete CFEs for one month from the closing of each evaluation period. This policy was recommended and approved by a committee of Stern students and faculty.

The responses to all online evaluations are completely anonymous and confidential. Students may fill out CFEs online through AIS