NYU Non-Stern

As a NYU Non-Stern student (other than those in dual-degree programs) you can take up to six credits per term, but you must register through your division program advisor. ​​Reservations for Fall 2018 will be accepted from June 29 through September 4 (Day Classes) and September 22 (Evening/Weekend Classes). Reservations for Summer 2018 will still be accepted through May 16 (Summer I) and July 2 (Summer II).



Course Registration Procedure

  1. The Fall 2018 and Summer 2018 Course Schedule
    Real-time updates of Stern course info is found on the Stern website, not Albert. You can search by department or print the entire schedule. 
  2. Requisite Satisfaction
    Your advisor may confirm course requisite satisfaction through one of the following:
  3. Cross Registration Form
    Submit the form to your academic advisor for certification of all course and requisite information. The advisor should then communicate your request to Stern. You do not need approval from a Stern Academic Advisor. 
  4. Stern Approval
    If a seat is available in the class, you will be notified by your advisor.. You will need to complete your registration through Albert within 2 weeks of approval date.
  5. Stern Account Activation
    Students automatically get a Stern account after registering; this account must be activated in order to access Stern class resources.

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