Tuition & Financing

Financing Your MBA

The NYU Stern Executive MBA program in DC is an investment in your future.

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for students beginning the program in August 2018 are $165,000.

The cost includes:
  • All fees
  • Books
  • Study materials
  • Meals on class days
  • Teaching assistants for selected courses
  • Residencies including Global Study Tour*
*GST program activities are arranged and paid for by the Executive MBA Program, with the following exceptions: international airfare (at the start and end of the program); dinners on your own; any required visas and passport fees; airport transfers; any incidental expenses incurred during your time abroad.


As part of the formal application for admission, applicants must secure time sponsorship from their employer. While some organizations also offer financial sponsorship, financial sponsorship is not required to apply or enroll in the program.

Over 460 companies have recently sponsored Executive MBA students, many providing full or partial financial support, to attend NYU Stern’s Executive MBA program. Companies sponsor Executive MBA students to develop and strengthen their talent pool with the added benefit of retaining their employees in the company during and after the program. 

Types of Sponsorship:

1. Time Sponsorship - Required: employer’s acknowledgement and support of the time you will be required to be out of the office to attend classes and complete your MBA. The online application includes a Sponsorship Form that must be signed by your employer.          

Required time out of the office includes: 
  • All class days
    • One  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday per month
  • 3 one-week residencies
    • One Orientation Week in Year 1
    • One Global Study Tour in Year 1
    • One Domestic Residency Week in Year 2

2. Financial Sponsorship - Not Required: the portion, if any, of the program’s cost that will be covered by your employer.      

Making the Case:

Many applicants find it helpful to present their sponsorship request as a business case. Point to specific ways in which your Executive MBA experience will benefit your employer. Is your company growing or expanding into international markets? Has the scope of your responsibilities changed or will it change in the near future? Be specific in describing how the MBA will have an impact on your organization; understand how it will help you in both your current and your future roles at your company. 

Benefits of Sponsorship
  • Participants bring back new and innovative perspectives from the strong curriculum, global focus, and highly experienced classmates
  • Offering sponsorship opportunitites gives organizations an advantage when competing for the same talent 
  • Sponsorship can be used to reward exceptional performance and increase employee loyalty and retention 
  • Participants develop strategic, leadership, and general management skills with powerful expertise in targeted specialization areas
  • Organizations see immediate results and impact, since participants are working while pursuing their degree 

For a printable summary for employers about the NYU Stern Executive MBA and the Benefits of Sponsorship, click Executive MBA Sponsorship.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with your employer about sponsorship, and we invite employers to attend one of our montly information sessions to learn more about the Executive MBA program. For more information about how to discuss sponsorship with your manger or HR representative, please contact

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement Programs:

Students who are being fully or partially sponsored by their employer are expected to manage the reimbursement relationship individually with their company. If admitted to the Executive MBA program, applicants are responsible for paying the tuition deposit by the specified deposit deadline and tuition payment by our specified tuition payment deadline.


The NYU Stern Executive MBA program is proud to support applicants through scholarships.  The Admissions Committee offers partial scholarships each year to selected applicants receiving minimal or no financial sponsorship from their employer. Recipients will be selected by the Admissions Committee on a merit basis. Our merit-based scholarship program helps support our students who otherwise don’t qualify for scholarships that are reserved for full-time students. If you wish to be considered for a merit-based scholarship and you have questions, feel free to inquire with our Admissions team. Each applicant is eligible to be considered for receipt of only one program scholarship.

In addition, applicants should visit the financial aid website, where they may be eligible for additional scholarships.

Applying for a Scholarship:

You may apply for a scholarship by indicating your interest in being considered for one on the Formal Application. For more detailed information, please see our application instructions.


Financial Aid

In addition to program scholarships, there are many federal and private loan programs available for Executive MBA Students, including student loans, federal loans, and private loans. Visit the Stern Graduate Financial Aid site for more information.

NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid Contact Information
Online: NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid
Phone: (212) 998-0790


NYU Stern is pleased to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program is available to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who are 100% eligible for the new Post 9/11 GI Bill. During the 2017-2018 academic year, Stern will contribute awards of up to $10,000 per year to eligible MBA students. The Veterans Administration will match these funds for a potential total award of $20,000 per year. Yellow Ribbon recipients will receive the funds for the duration of their MBA tenure.

Members of the U.S. military and U.S. military veterans who have served on active duty are eligible for an application fee waiver. Email your request for a fee waiver to and include documentation of service.  Waivers must be requested before online submission of the formal application.

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website for additional information on eligibility.

Start the application process today by filling out a Pre-Application, which is a brief snapshot of your professional experience. 

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Student loans are a primary source of aid. Federal and private loan programs are also available to assist you. 

Financial Aid

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