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Stern Solutions

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Fashion & Luxury MBA students participate in project-based learning experiences, putting theory into practice in New York and internationally.

Stern Solutions, Built for the Fashion & Luxury MBA

Stern Solutions experiences are built into every aspect of the Fashion & Luxury MBA curriculum to help students build a portfolio of skill sets, relationships, and experiences and serve as the foundation for successful careers. Tapping into NYU Stern’s location in the heart of the global fashion & luxury ecosystem, Stern Solutions brings students and faculty together with industry leading companies to solve real business challenges in real time. Each semester, students will participate in experiential learning opportunities that build skill sets, relationships, and experiences and serve as the foundation for successful careers.

Summer Semester NYC Immersion: Students will get a front row seat to what makes Fashion & Luxury a unique part of the city’s identity. As these industries are undergoing significant transformation, this course will give students a broad exposure to the depth and breadth of design and manufacturing to trade shows, as well as the disruptions challenging its future. From skill-based workshops, industry access via company visits and networking opportunities to a live case with a real industry partner, students will emerge from the summer with tools to maximize their industry expertise.

Fall Semester Stern Solutions Project: In the fall, students will work on semester long real-world projects with designers and brands of all sizes. Examples include brand strategy for a fashion designer, supply chain optimization for an established retailer, and financial forecasting for a luxury products manufacturer.

Spring Semester Stern Solutions Project: In the spring, students will have a choice to focus on fashion brands or an entire class dedicated to luxury industries.

International Industry Immersion
Over two weeks in January, students will be exposed to the European markets and travel to a global hub for high fashion. Beginning in New York, Students will learn in the classroom from expert professors and speakers and in the field through visits to designers, factories, and fashion companies.


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Industry Insights

The Business of Design

NYU Stern’s long-standing partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) allows students to move beyond the case study and work closely with designers in NYC’s fashion industry.

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