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Candidate Work Authorization Options When Advertising an Opportunity

1. All MBA candidates

Your organization/division will consider all MBA students: U.S. citizens, permanent residents and international passport holders.
Most international students hold F-1 visas. Under this type of visa, students are eligible to complete a summer internship and up to 12 months post-graduation employment without any required "sponsorship" from the employer.

2. Candidates with U.S. work authorization eligible to work without restriction

Your organization/division will consider only MBAs with unrestricted work authorization in the United States.
Stern international students comprise approximately 30% of the total student population of both first and second year students. Please note that selecting this category will eliminate highly-qualified candidates. International students are eligible to complete summer internships and up to 12 months post-graduation employment with no “sponsorship” from the employer necessary. All paperwork and/or fees are the responsibility of NYU and the individual student.

3. Candidates with authorization to work in a position located outside of the U.S.

This position is based outside the United States and is open to candidates with work authorization in that location. For positions outside the United States, work authorization, language skills, prior work experience or other factors may be relevant and should be indicated in the job posting.

Additional Questions
If you are unsure of the hiring policy for your organization/division, please refer to your internal Human Resources specialist. Policies may differ within company divisions and you may inadvertently restrict your pool of eligible candidates.

U.S. Visa Information for International Students
Most international Stern students hold F-1 visas. Under this type of visa, students are eligible for practical training, such as short-term employment during the school year or summer vacation, or employment after graduation for up to 12 months.
  • Hiring a summer intern in the U.S.: If you extend offers to first-year MBA students, they submit the job description, company contact information and dates of employment to NYU. There is no paperwork for the employer to complete.
  • Hiring a full-time candidate in the U.S.: For full-time employment opportunities, international students can take advantage of their practical training benefit, which allows them to work for up to 12 months in the United States post graduation. There is no paperwork for the employer to complete.
  • During the training period, students and employers can agree to pursue an H-1B employment classification for professional employment that is valid for up to six years.
How to Reach International Students Canadian and Mexican Students
TN visas are temporary work visas available only to citizens of Mexico and Canada. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a citizen of a NAFTA country may work in a professional occupation in another NAFTA country, as long as the applicant meets certain requirements.
More information is available from the U.S. Immigration Support website.

Contact OCD:
Contact Lindsay Unger, Associate Director for International Career Development, if you would like more information on hiring international students or hiring students for international positions. Lindsay consults with companies on hiring international students and can offer advice and suggestions on the best methods and times during the year to reach the right candidates for your organization.