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2003 Citi Conference in Leadership & Ethics

Second Annual Conference in Leadership & Ethics
“Integrity of Financial Markets
December 5, 2004

The purpose of this first annual conference - sponsored by the generous support of the Citi Foundation - was to bring together academics, practitioners, regulators and selected students to discuss and consider the response of Wall Street frims and regulators and to the recent crises and challenges in financial markets.

The conference featured a comprehensive agenda which began with a panel discussion entitled "Response of Regulators," moderated by William T. Allen, the Director of the NYU Center for Law and Business and a former Chancellor of the Court of the Chancery for the State of Delaware.

Lunch followed the panel and included remarks by Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who this year is serving as Stern's first Citi Foundation Distinguished Fellow in Ethics and Leadership.

The afternoon panel was entitled "Response of Wall Street," moderated by Roy C. Smith, the Kenneth Langone Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance at Stern and a former Goldman Sachs partner.