Stern International Volunteers students traveled to Ghana for 12 days © Louis Yin
SIV Ghana students beside the water system they helped construct with Clean Water for Everyone © Louis Yin
Rana Foroohar, Time columnist and author of Makers and Takers, spoke with Felix Salmon, senior editor at Fusion, about her new book at NYU Stern | ©Trisha King, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Rana Foroohar's book explores how the "financialization" of America perpetuates Wall Street's reign over Main Street and widens the gap between the rich and the poor. Ms. Foroohar spoke at NYU Stern on October 6. | ©Trisha King, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program


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The Business and Society Program is an interdisciplinary endeavor that prepares and supports business leaders in creating value for shareholders, stakeholders, and society. Drawing upon the best scholarship and research in law, economics, psychology, and philosophy, the faculty and staff of BSP are dedicated to furthering education, research, and public engagement in fields such as professional responsibility, human rights, law and business, social entrepreneurship, and the design of ethically effective organizations

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Business & Society Program
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Bruce Buchanan
Director, Business & Society Program
C.W. Nichols Professor of Business Ethics
Professor of Marketing

Rachel Kowal
Deputy Director, Business & Society Program
Clinical Professor of Business Law


Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
Prof. Susan Davis

The course looks at social entrepreneurship and social ventures through their entire life cycle – from ideation, through start-up to scaling and exit to policy-making – with an emphasis on how market considerations and financial instruments are critical to achieving social and financial goals. The materials we will cover place a strong emphasis on the need for a deeper understanding of the range of human motivations, moving from material self-interest to altruism and gift to duty and obligation to strong reciprocity and cooperation.

Sustainable Business & The New Economy
Prof. Jeffrey Hollender

This class assumes that in some manner you desire to be an active contributor to a just, equitable, and regenerative world. That is my definition of a "social entrepreneur." The course is committed to equipping you to be more effective in that pursuit.