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Faculty discussion2

Departmental Values

As a department, we adhere to a core set of values and beliefs that reflects both our diversity and our common interests.

These core values and beliefs are as follows:
  • We value both disciplinary-based and interdisciplinary training and research.
  • We value interdisciplinary curiosity about organizations and willingness to learn about and contribute to areas of management outside one’s core area of expertise.
  • We value, and seek to create, a culture of respect for different perspectives and opinions.
  • We believe that managers can and do affect the strategic direction of firms and we are interested in a better understanding of issues related to strategic management.
  • We believe it is important to consider the role of the organizational context in affecting behavior in, of, and among organizations.
  • We share an interest in understanding the dynamics of organizational processes.

The Management & Organizations Department welcomes three new faculty members:

  • Beth Bechky
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Rebecca Schaumberg