Joe McNeil, member of the Greensboro Four and retired Major General of the US Air Force, speaks with students in Professor Dolly Chugh's Leadership in Organizations class.  © NYU Photo Bureau: Slezak

Management & Organizations Department

The Management Department encompasses four areas of study: Organizational Behavior (OB), Organizational Theory (OT), Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

– Departmental Values

  • We value both disciplinary-based and interdisciplinary training and research.
  • We value interdisciplinary curiosity about organizations and willingness to learn about and contribute to areas of management outside one’s core area of expertise.
  • We value, and seek to create, a culture of respect for different perspectives and opinions.
  • We believe that managers can and do affect the strategic direction of firms and we are interested in a better understanding of issues related to strategic management.
  • We believe it is important to consider the role of the organizational context in affecting behavior in, of, and among organizations.
  • We share an interest in understanding the dynamics of organizational processes.

Batia Wiesenfeld                                                   Elizabeth Boyle
Department Chair                                                   Deputy Chair

Visiting Faculty

Berson   Yair Berson
  Visiting Associate     Professor of                 Management
Halaburda   Hanna Halaburda
  Visiting Professor       of Management

Contact Us

Tisch Hall, 7th Floor
40 West Fourth Street
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-998-0200
Fax: 212-995-4235

Faculty Awards & Announcements

  • Gino CattaniNominated as Associate Editor by Management Science for their Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department (2016).
  • Michael NorthRecognized by the Association for Psychological Science as a 2015 Rising Star (2015).
  • Robert Seamans: Prof. Seamans' 2014 Management Science paper, "Responses to Entry in Multi-Sided Markets: The Impact of Craigslist on Local Newspapers," has been named one of two finalists for the Informs Management Science Best Paper Award in Information Systems (2015).
  • Robert SalomonProf. Salomon's paper, "Does it pay to be really good?  Addressing the shape of the relationship between social and financial performance," published in the Strategic Management Journal in 2012, has been selected as a winning paper in the prestigious Emerald Citations of Excellence for 2015. 
  • Deepak HegdeWinner of an Innovation Policy grant from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) for proposed work on patent disclosure (2015).

Faculty in the News

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  • Jason Greenberg's research on the influence of networks during an MBA job search is featured (The Atlantic)
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  • Jason Greenberg's research on the influence of networks during an MBA job search is referenced (The Economist)
  • Melissa Schilling's research on the pathway between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease is featured (Diabetes News Journal)
  • Nate Pettit's co-authored research on the impact of status in the workplace is featured (
  • Dolly Chugh's research on bias is mentioned  (The New York Times)
  • Jason Greenberg's research finds alumni connections and potential for growth are key factors in attracting MBA talent (The Financial Times)
  • Robert Salomon's book, Global Vision, is featured (Forbes)
  • JP Eggers discusses the similarities and differences between young billionares and seasoned business leaders (Forbes Poland)
  • Melissa Schilling examines Sony's new video game business (Marketplace)
  • Robert Salomon discusses China's M&A binge (CNBC)