Recent PhD Graduate, Esther Leibel, celebrates a successful dissertation defense with her dissertation committee. Esther's dissertation is titled, "Local institutions and heterogeneity in emerging fields: The case of Slow Money".
Joe McNeil, member of the Greensboro Four and retired Major General of the US Air Force, speaks with students in Professor Dolly Chugh's Leadership in Organizations class.  
Recent PhD graduate, Daniel Keum, celebrates a successful dissertation defense with his dissertation committee. Daniel's dissertation is titled, "Essays on Employment Protection, Resource Allocation, and Firm Innovation"

Management & Organizations Department

The Management Department encompasses four areas of study: Organizational Behavior (OB), Organizational Theory (OT), Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

– Departmental Values

  • We value both disciplinary-based and interdisciplinary training and research.
  • We value interdisciplinary curiosity about organizations and willingness to learn about and contribute to areas of management outside one’s core area of expertise.
  • We value, and seek to create, a culture of respect for different perspectives and opinions.
  • We believe that managers can and do affect the strategic direction of firms and we are interested in a better understanding of issues related to strategic management.
  • We believe it is important to consider the role of the organizational context in affecting behavior in, of, and among organizations.
  • We share an interest in understanding the dynamics of organizational processes.

Batia Wiesenfeld                                                   Steve Blader
Department Chair                                                   Deputy Chair


Featured Faculty: Dolly Chugh


"We've all grown up in a culture with media images, news images, conversations at home, and education. Think of that as a fog for our whole life."

Are we unconsciously biased? Professor Dolly Chugh recently appeared in The New York Times "Who, Me? Biased?" video segment that speaks on implicit bias, or the bias in judgement and/or behavior that results from subtle cognitive processes. 

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  • ​Prof. Rob Salomon named faculty director for the Executive MBA programs in conjunction with a new opening in Washington, D.C.       Learn more.

Faculty in the News

  • Prof. Rob Seamans argues the Trump Administratoin should promote community-owned broadband.
  • Prof. Robert Salomon on anticipated tax reform and recent market gains.
  • Prof. Ari Ginsberg on preparing for the US withdrawing from NAFTA.
  • Research Scholar Elad Sherf's research on gender parity initiatives referenced.
  • Prof. Joe Magee shares insights on workplace hierarchies.
  • Prof. Robert Seamans on new research in digital privacy.
  • Prof. Deepak Hegde on high-tech entrepreneurship in New York City; Stern's Creative Destruction Lab-New York City is highlighted.

More Management News

Faculty Awards & Appointments

  • Melissa Schilling & Madeline King, have been named finalists for the SMS Best Paper Prize for their work with co-author, Barak Aharonson. 
  • Lisa Leslie & co-authors awarded the "Most Influential Paper Award" by the Conflict Management Division for their paper, Differences between tight and loose cultures: A 33-nation study. 
  • Elad Sherf awarded the Academy of Management's 2017 "Best Reviewer Award" in both the CM & OB division. 
  • William Guth  awarded the "Chris Argyris Lifetime Acheivement Award" by the Practice Theme Committee of AOM. 
  • Jason Greenberg & co-author, Ethan Mollick, awarded the 2017 "Outstanding Publication in OB" award for their paper, Activist Choice Homophily and the Crowdfunding of Female Founders.
  • Rob Salomon'sGlobal Vision recently named in "Best Business Books of 2016" (Strategy + Business Magazine)
  • Gino Cattani is now Deputy Senior Editor for Organization Science.
  • Lisa Leslie receives Reviewer of the Year Award from the Journal of Business and Psychology.
  • Sinziana Dorobantu awarded Dale E. Zand Best Paper Award in Management.
  • Melissa Schilling appointed to the American Antitrust Institute Advisory Board.