Professor Rob Salomon's new Globalization & Risk Management course helps students understand the risks associated with globalization while equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome those risks. 
Joe McNeil, member of the Greensboro Four and retired Major General of the US Air Force, speaks with students in Professor Dolly Chugh's Leadership in Organizations class.  
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Management & Organizations Department

The Management Department encompasses four areas of study: Organizational Behavior (OB), Organizational Theory (OT), Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

– Departmental Values

  • We value both disciplinary-based and interdisciplinary training and research.
  • We value interdisciplinary curiosity about organizations and willingness to learn about and contribute to areas of management outside one’s core area of expertise.
  • We value, and seek to create, a culture of respect for different perspectives and opinions.
  • We believe that managers can and do affect the strategic direction of firms and we are interested in a better understanding of issues related to strategic management.
  • We believe it is important to consider the role of the organizational context in affecting behavior in, of, and among organizations.
  • We share an interest in understanding the dynamics of organizational processes.

Batia Wiesenfeld                                                   Elizabeth Boyle
Department Chair                                                   Deputy Chair


Featured Faculty: Dolly Chugh


"We've all grown up in a culture with media images, news images, conversations at home, and education. Think of that as a fog for our whole life."

Are we unconsciously biased? Professor Dolly Chugh recently appeared in The New York Times "Who, Me? Biased?" video segment that speaks on implicit bias, or the bias in judgement and/or behavior that results from subtle cognitive processes. 

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Faculty Awards & Announcements

  • Rob Salomon's book: Global Vision was recently named one of the "Best Business Books of 2016" (Strategy + Business Magazine)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat and Senior Research Scholar Steven Altmanrefute common overestimations of globalization. (Washington Post)
  • Belen Villalonga shares insights on the profitability of family-run companies. (Fortune)
  • Steven Blader comments on Donald Trump's negotiation style and working relationship with Senator Chuck Schumer. (WNYC)
  • Melissa Schilling weighs in on Uber's business model. (Bloomberg)
  • Dolly Chugh is named a favorite professor by her former student. (Poets & Quants)
  • Robert Salomon explains why the organization of a small group of Facebook shareholders is unlikely to influence the company. (Mashable)
  • Seth Freeman shares advice for negotiating with a tough counterpart in the age of Trump. (US News & World Report)
  • Becky Schaumberg discusses the personality traits common among presidential candidates. (Fox 5 NY)
  • Rob Salomon weighs in on Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo. (USA Today)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat shares takeaways about globalization of platform companies from the sale of Uber China to Didi. (The Harvard Business Review)
  • In an op-ed, Rob Salomon illustrates why Uber struggled to succeed in China. (Fortune)
  • Robert Salomon discusses Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo. (CBS News)
  • Ari Ginsberg comments on Donald Trump's reputation among small business owners and his presidential campaign. (Inc.)
  • Rob Salomon discusses the potential implications of "Brexit." (Forbes)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat illustrates how other regions can learn from "Brexit." (Fortune)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat shares key factors for effective strategies for companies exporting products globally. (Financial Times)
  • Steve Blader discusses the adoption of new systems to evaluate employee performance. (MarketWatch)
  • Gino CattaniNominated as Associate Editor by Management Science for their Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department (2016)

Faculty Research in the News

  • Mike North discusses the role of generational divides within the current political climate (Quartz)
  • Steven Blader's joint research on power and inclusiveness is featured. (Scientific American)
  • Lisa Leslie's joint research on "stop the clock" work policies is referenced. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Mike North's research on ageism in the workplace is referenced. (The Washington Post)
  • Lisa Leslie's research on women in business and trustworthiness is referenced. (USA Today)
  • JP Eggers discusses his new joint research on established businesses and innovations. (MIT Sloan Management Review)
  • Lisa Leslie's research on a pay premium for high-potential women is referenced. (Fast Company)