NYU Stern

Member Benefits

Tier 1 membership in the CBA will provide the following benefits to a firm:

1) Invitation to attend CBA sponsored conferences and symposiums, typically 2-3 per year.
2) Invitation to all bi-weekly CBA research seminar series presentations
3) Partnership with Stern faculty in curriculum development and speaking engagements in courses in Business Analytics
4) Access to quality talent such as Undergrad, MBA and MSBA students for summer internships and full time jobs
5) Access to the Stern and global research community for providing predictive analytic and causal modeling solutions to problems of interest to them
6) Executive-in-Residence program for senior executives for 1 to 2 weeks at NYU Stern.
7) Posting of corporate sponsor logo on the CBA website.

The Center also provides a Tier 2 membership option to firms which will consist of all of the above benefits, plus:

8) The option to provide data/problem for which CBA will organize and evaluate a global competition and a conference with presentations of results. This will leverage the Stern brand for companies by providing them with capabilities for solving problems of interest to them. We will develop a company-specific research project addressing a business problem suggested by the corporate partner, which is presented via webinar to prospective researchers around the world, who then submit proposals to address the problem in different ways.

9) One research symposium for employees of the research partner during which researchers awarded the data present their progress and/or results from their respective projects

10) Additional public relations around the research partnership (announcements about selected research teams and the premise of the research opportunity)