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AI in Business Speaker Series

What AI Is and Isn't. What AI Can Do, and What it Cannot.

Wednesday | October 19, 2022 at 6 PM-7 PM EST | Virtual

Gary Marcus, NYU Prof. Emeritus, was founder and CEO of Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber), best-selling author, outspoken critic of the current AI hype, and leading advocate for neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence

With Foster Provost, NYU/Stern Prof. of Entrepreneurship, Data Science, and Information Systems, cofounder of several successful AI/ML companies, award-winning AI/ML scientist and practitioner.

The importance of the capabilities of modern AI systems ranges from the quotidien (what AI should my business implement next) to the existential (when will it realize that people just get in the way).  Unfortunately, what we hear about AI from the media is largely just hype -- unmoored from reality.  Most of the claims made in the media, by companies, and even by many prominent technology experts are simply untrue.  On the other hand, AI technologies create massive value for businesses that use them well.  What exactly is AI and what isn't it?  What is AI really good at and what is fantasy?  What might AI do tomorrow to help a business or a society, and what it likely not to do in the near future?  (Say, drive cars down the streets of Manhattan? Understand text? Create art? Achieve sentience?)  Gary brings a refreshingly frank perspective to the discussion of the realities and opportunities of modern AI.

Don't miss Gary's book _Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust_, with Ernest Davis.


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Gary Marcus

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Foster Provost


What AI is and isn't. What AI can do, and what it cannot.

AI in Business Speaker Series - A Fireside Chat with Gary Marcus and Professor Foster Provost