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Data Analytics and AI at the Fubon Center

The Fubon Data Analytics and AI Initiative

The Fubon Data Analytics and AI Initiative brings together scholars, managers, and students to conduct and disseminate world-class research on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science for business. The Center brings people together, funds research, and engages in community outreach to support data analytics research that is both rigorous and accessible.

Our objectives at the Fubon Data Analytics and AI Initiative are to:
  • Support and foster state-of-the-art research in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science for business
  • Create synergistic collaborative relationships between scholars and practitioners in data-intensive industries
  • Increase the accessibility of data science research to a wide audience



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March 4, 2019: "Demystifying AI and Machine Learning: What You Need to Know"

The Fubon Center will host a talk by Dr. Pedro Domingos, the bestselling author of "The Master Algorithm". A fireside chat featuring Dr. Domingos in conversation with Professor Foster Provost will follow.

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Past Events

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See slides from the flagship annual meeting spanning the interdisciplinary field of Data Science.

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Business Analytics Conference: 21st Century Decision Making

Hear insights from a discussion of the core pillars of data science led by Stern IOMS professor Foster Provost.

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ADS*CON 2014: Embrace the Noise

A half-day symposium dedicated to exploring how we find meaningful signals in massive and often noisy data sets. It explored the impact of bigger and more varied data on building models and understanding markets.

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Crowds 2.0: The Future of Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing

Industry and faculty experts shared their cutting edge research and best practices, along with how these platforms impact individuals, organizations, the market and the economy as a whole.

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Collective Intelligence

Interdisciplinary conference dedicated to advancing our understanding of collective intelligence and the workings of groups.

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Workshop on Information in Networks

Workshop on Information in Networks (WIN) is a Social Networks Summit to bring together leading researchers studying 'information in networks'.

Student Talent

At NYU Stern, our faculty teach the analytic and critical thinking skills that are necessary for business leaders in our data driven environment.

Undergraduate Track: Business Analytics

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MBA Specialization: Business Analytics

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MS in Business Analytics Program

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‚ÄčIOMS PhD Programs

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