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Wire Transfer

New York University has contracted with Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate wire transfer payments from non-U.S. bank accounts.

If you want to wire transfer a payment from a U.S. bank account, you may also use this Western Union service; however, we recommend using eCheck because it is a less costly and more efficient method for payments from U.S. bank accounts.  The link to the Graduate Stern eCheck

Flywire (by peerTransfer)
New York University has partnered with Flywire (by peerTransfer) to streamline the tuition and fee payment process for international students. Flywire offers multiple payment options and currencies. Students and payers will be able to track their payments from start to finish, save on bank fees and exchange rates and contact Flywire's 24x7 multilingual customer support by chat, Skype, email, and telephone. NYU and Flywire do not charge a fee for this service.

Initiate student account payment for tuition and fees, etc. by Flywire

Initiate $1,000.00 Housing Reservation Fee payment by Flywire

Initiate $500.00 Summer Housing Reservation Fee payment by Flywire

Global Pay for Students (by Western Union Business Solutions)
For payment of tuition & fees and housing reservation fees, New York University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions, to bring you an easy and efficient process for making a payment. GlobalPay for Students allows you to pay your fees in the currency of your choice. NYU does not charge a fee for this service, however Western Union Business Solutions charges a $20.00 USD processing fee for students who are paying in USD. There is no charge for non-USD transactions. View a short video of how the solution works.

Initiate payment by Global Pay for Students (by Western Union Business Solutions)

* New York University will not accept wires that exceed $10,000.00 over the account balance due. Amounts wired over the $10,000 maximum will be applied to a future semester or will be returned to the originating bank at a fee of $35.00 USD. Please contact our office before you initiate a payment if you have any additional questions about our policies or procedures for wire transfers.