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Refund Schedule & Policy

  • Per course refunds do not apply to full-time students who pay a "Flat rate tuition fee".
  • Langone students taking DAY CLASSES, please click on the following link to see the individual class refund date for 100% tuition and registration & service fees:
  • The Business Writing, Math and Accounting Workshop fee is refundable if you drop prior to the start of each workshop.
  • Incoming students must notify NYU Stern that they no longer plan to enroll by the following deadline in order to still receive a Launch fee refund: August 1, 2015

Complete Withdrawals from ALL courses 

The refund schedule below is for students who Completely Withdraw from ALL courses during the semester.

Fall 2015
First day of classes: September 2, 2015

Withdrawal through the Official First Day of the semester (September 2, 2015)

100% of Tuition & Fees(less the non-refundable deposit). The Launch fee will not be refunded after August 1.

Prior to 9/3/2015

September 3, 2015 through the end of the first calendar week of classes

100% of Tuition only

9/3/15 - 9/8/15

Second calendar week of classes

70% of Tuition only

9/9/15 - 9/15/15

Third calendar week of classes

55% of Tuition only

9/16/15 - 9/22/15

Fourth calendar week of classes

25% of Tuition only

9/23/15 - 9/29/15

After the Fourth week of classes


9/30/14 - forward

Registration & service fees (including school related fees) are non-refundable after the Official First Day of semester, September 2, 2015