Social Impact Core

Inside the Stern classroom, you will take part in the groundbreaking Social Impact Core curriculum. You will gain practical, real-world experience while exploring various experiential opportunities, including the Sustainable Business co-concentration and cross-school minor offerings.

Social Impact Core
The Social Impact Core is a four-year, four-course sequence designed to immerse students in the fundamental issues facing society, and how business, in concert with other organizations, can be used to solve them. In the Social Impact Core, you will take the following courses:
  • Business and its Publics: This course is the foundation course of the Social Impact Core. It examines the relationships between corporations and society, in partiuclar, the social impact of business with respect to how business creates and solves social problems. The BIP speaker plenary provides a forum for a broad range of visitors - including leaders of business, nonprofit, public, and activist organizations -- to offer their distinct perspectives on the relationship between business and society. Its weekly Inquiry and Discourse small-group sections aim to broaden the perspectives offered in the plenaries, raise considerations neglected by the plenary speakers, and apply these perpsectives to current issues.
  • Organizational Communication and Its Social Context: This course reiterates themes introduced in BIP as you study social processes of influence and persuasion and learn how to most effectively communicate to different audiences.
  • Law, Business and Society: In this course you will study the role of law in shaping and governing the conduct of business and the role of commerce in our society.
  • Professional Responsibility and Leadership: Senior year, you will complete the social impact sequence with a course focusing on issues of professional responsibility.
Co-concentrate in Sustainable Business
Develop the perspective and future skills necessary to position yourself to lead organizations that effectively create economic, social and environmental value with the Sustainable Business Co-concentration.

Experiential Learning
Stern International Volunteers: Ghana
SIV Ghana provides a unique educational experience, combining business theory with hands-on implementation and cultural immersion in the country of Ghana. Students will study how to design and implement social entrepreneurship and volunteer projects that support long-term socio-economic development and empowerment.  Students will then travel to Ghana over spring break and apply their ideas and business knowledge "on-the ground" in NYU Stern’s partner Ghanaian village, Woadze Tsatoe.

Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting
The Social Impact Consulting course is an Experiential Learning Seminar that involves students working closely with participating nonprofits as strategy consultants creating project outcomes that add value to the organization’s strategic objectives. Since 2012, 216 students have completed 55 projects with 28 different organizations, including the Rainforest Alliance, Democracy Works, Teach for America, and 92Y.

Joint-School Minors with the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
Social Entrepreneurship
Courses in the Social Entrepreneurship minor explore the concept of students as “changemakers”, entrepreneurship, and the implications of the domestic and international rise in social entrepreneurialism.

Public Policy and Management
The Public Policy and Management minor enables students to study the influences of politics and policy, explore sustainability issues, and understand the nuances of effective leadership.