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Student Clubs

Stern Undergraduate College has an active club system of 29 member clubs. The undergraduate clubs promote professional development in a broad range of industries and interests, from finance and accounting to social impact and entertainment. Many of the clubs focus on career development and cultivate strong relationships with companies and organizations, as well as Stern alumni who continue to support the club system by attending or speaking at events. Over 50% of the Stern student population participates in the club system.

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the governing body of the member clubs focused on connecting students to the club communities to develop a network, team-building, and leadership skills. The ICC is overseen by the Undergraduate Office of Student Engagement (OSE). ICC is charged with creating cohesion between the clubs, marketing club events to the Stern community, and planning large-scale events that further promote the club system.

All current Stern students are automatically added to the ICC email list.

The Stern undergraduate student clubs include:

  • Actuarial Society
  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Business Analytics Club
  • Economic Development Group
  • Economics Honors Society
  • Entrepreneurial Exchange Group
  • Finance Society
  • International Business Association
  • International Students Association
  • Investment Analysis Group
  • Islamic Finance Group
  • Luxury and Retail Association
  • Marketing Society
  • Management Consulting Group
  • Net Impact
  • Phi Chi Theta
  • Pride Corp
  • The Private Equity Group
  • Quantitative Finance Society
  • Stern Accounting Society
  • Stern Business and Law Association
  • Stern Political Economy Exchange
  • Stern Real Estate Group
  • Stern and Tisch Entertainment Business Association
  • Strategic Venture Society
  • Supporting Excellence and Advocating Diversity
  • Undergraduate Latin American Business Association
  • Undergraduate Stern Women in Business