About the Center

The Center for Behavioral Research is an interdisciplinary laboratory used to study how people understand their world, interact with others and behave in social settings, and make decisions as individuals or in groups.

Founded in 2002, the Center moved to its current location in Tisch Hall in 2009. The Center maintains a behavior lab that has computer stations for individual studies and small meeting rooms for group studies. Faculty and PhD students from Management and Organizations, Marketing, and other departments frequently use the behavior lab for their research, but the facility is available for any researcher at Stern interested in studying human participants.

In addition to the behavior lab, the Center maintains a database of individuals (primarily NYU students and staff) interested in participating in research, either online or in-lab studies.

The Center for Behavioral Research behavior lab is located at NYU in Tisch Hall, Room LC26, 40 W. 4th St., New York, NY 10012. Click here for a map.