Stern’s faculty members include three Nobel laureates, current and past presidents of academic associations, editorial board members of most leading research journals, award-winning authors, and scores of scholars whose research and teaching skills are recognized worldwide. Stern’s faculty is also one of the most international of the leading business schools, broadening the scope of the PhD experience.

The Financial Times ranks Stern number 3 for Finance (FT '15) , and the University of Texas at Dallas ranks Stern number 4 in the world for its research productivity. NYU Stern is number 11 in the world for placing PhD students in top business schools (FT '15), and is considered number 1 among the top 1,000 US business schools for new downloads of research within the past 12 months (as of February 2016, SSRN).

In addition to research excellence, the size and wide-ranging interests of the Stern faculty mean that no matter what a student’s own research interest may be, or what it may become, there will likely be Stern faculty who share that interest and can provide training and guidance in its pursuit. Students and faculty collaborate intensively on research projects, often forming close, long-lasting bonds in the process.

Robert Engle, Professor of Finance, and 2003 Nobel Prize winner in Economics.