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Recent Dissertations

Below is a list of PhD dissertations from the last 10 years.


Sorah Park, "Excess Stock Option Compensation, Corporate Risk-Taking and Financial Reporting Behavior" (June, 2012).
Committee:  Eli Bartov (Chair), Kose John, Pepa Kraft
Aimee Shih, "Analyst Coverage Attributes and Benchmark Beating Strategies" (August, 2011).
Committee:  Eli Bartov (Chair), Christine Petrovits, Paul Zarowin
Jamie Diaz, "Intra-Audit Firm Office Changes, Audit Pricing, and Financial Reporting Quality" (July, 2011).
Committee:  Baruch Lev (Chair), Paul Zarowin, William Greene, Mary Billings
Alina Lerman, "Indvidual Investors' Attention to Accounting Information: Message Board Discussions" (November, 2010). 
Committee:  Joshua Ronen (Chair), Joshua Livnat, Stephen Ryan
Richard Carrizosa, "The Economic Substance of Convertible Debt, Market Participants Assessments, and Debt Contracting" (May, 2010).  Committee:  Baruch Lev (Chair), Raghu Sundaran, Stephen Ryan
Karthik Balakrishnan, "Credit Market Conditions and Economy-wide Consequences of Financial Reporting Quality" (February, 2010).  Committee:  Eli Bartov (Chair), Mary Billings, Daniel Cohen, William Greene, Kose John
Kalin Kolev, "Do Investors Perceive Marking-To-Model As Marking-To-Myth? Early Evidence from FAS 157 Disclosure" (August, 2009).  Committee:  Baruch Lev (Chair), Daniel Cohen, William Greene, Stephen Ryan
Emanuel Zur, "The Power of Reputation: Hedge Fund Activist" (July, 2008).
Committee:  April Klein (Chair), Mary Billings, Stephen Ryan, Paul Zarowin, David Yermack
Francois Brochet, "Timing and Information Content of Insider Trades: Before and After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002" (April, 2007).  Committee:  Joshua Ronen (Chair), William Greene, Stephen Ryan, David Yermack
Fabrizio Ferri, "The Structure of Option Repricings: Determinants and Consequences" (August, 2005).
Committee:  Joshua Ronen (Chair), William Greene, Kose John, April Klein
Seunghan Nam, "The Impact of Non-Audit Services on Capital Markets" (June, 2005).
Committee:  Joshua Ronen (Chair), Dan Gode, James Ohlson, William Greene
Ron Lazer, "The Increased Importance of Earnings Announcements After Regulation FO: Evidence from Revisions of Analysts Forecast and Pre-Announcements" (June, 2004).  Committee:  Joshua Livnat (Chair), Baruch Lev, Paul Zarowin, Haim Dov Fried
Xiangdong Tucker, "Essays on Earnings Warnings" (May, 2004)
Committee:  James Ohlson (Chair), William Greene, Carol Marquardt, Stephen Ryan, Paul Zarowin
Shai Levi, "Voluntary Disclosure of Accruals in Preliminary Earnings Announcement and the Pricing of Accruals" (April, 2004).
Committee:  Baruch Lev, (Chair), James Ohlson, Stephen Ryan
Merav Ozair, "Essays on Conservative Accounting and Growth: Expected Earnings in Equity Valuation" (December, 2003).
Committee:  James Ohlson (Chair), Eli Bartov, Kenton Yee
Yonca Ertimur, "Financial Information Environment of Loss Firms" (July, 2003).
Committee:  Eli Bartov (Chair), Kose John, James Ohlson, Carol Marquardt
Benjamin Segal, "Goodwill Write-Downs and the Adoption of SFAS No. 142" (June, 2003).
Committee:  Joshua Livnat (Chair), Stephen Ryan, Paul Zarowin


Lai Jiang, "The Welfare Effects of Bill Shock Regulation in Mobile Telecommunication Markets" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Luis Cabral and John Asker (Co-Chairs), Robin S. Lee, Allan Collard Wexler
Andrei Savochkin, "Essays in Decision Theory" (December, 2011).
Committee:  Adam Brandenburger (Chair), Efe A. Ok, Thomas J. Sargent, Joyee Deb
Anna Orlik, "Essays On Optimal Policies With Model Uncertainty" (May, 2011).
Committee:  Thomas Sargent (Chair), David Backus, Stanley Zin, Thomas Cooley
Hong Luo, "Markets for Ideas: Theory and Evidence from the Movie Industry" (March, 2011).
Committee:  Luis Cabral (Chair), Adam Brandenburger, John Asker, Robert Seamans
Hongwei Cai, "Three Essays on Efficiency of Chinese Stock Market and the Real Economy" (February, 2011).
Committee:  Lawrence White (Co-Chair), Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), William Greene
Matthew Grennan, "The Market for Medical Devices: Doctor Choice, Bargaining, and Price Discrimination" (April, 2010).
Committee:  Adam Brandenburger (Chair), John Asker, Collard-Wexler
Ali Yurukoglu, "Price Discrimination and Vertical Contracting in Multichannel Telvision" (April, 2009).
Committee:  Luis Cabral (Co-Chair), Ariel Pakes (Co-Chair) John Asker, Allen Collard-Wexler
Daniel Volberg, "The Nexus between International Capital Markets and Real Economy: Two Essays" (April, 2008).
Committee:  David Backus (Chair), Gian Luca Clementi, Paul Wachtel, Nouriel Roubini,
Konrad Grabiszewski, "Essay in Decision Theory and Game Theory" (March, 2008).
Committee:  Adam Brandenburger (Chair), David Pearce, Ennio Stacchetti
Frederic Lambert, "Essays in Macroeconomics" (September, 2007).
Committee:  David Backus (Chair), Thomas Sargent, Gian Luca Clemente, Gina Luca Violante
Elif Sisli, "The Presence of Bank Executives on Boards of Directors of Non-Financial Companies: Effects on Firm Performance, Investment and Finance" (May, 2007). Committee:  Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), Lawrence White (Co-Chair), William Grene
Tomasz Piskorski, "Essays on Dynamic: Incentive Problems with Imperfect Information" (April, 2007).
Committee:  Thomas Sargent (Chair), Martin Schneider, Alex Tchistyi
Diana Knyazeva, "Essays In Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Kose John (Co-Chair), Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), Joseph Stiglitz, Daniel Wolfenzon, David Yermack
Anzhela Knyazeva, "Essays in Corporate Finance" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Kose John (Co-Chair), Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), Joseph Stiglitz, Daniel Wolfenzon, David Yermack
David Ross, "Essays on Universal Banking" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), Anthony Saunders (Co-Chair), Kose John, Heski Bar-Isaac
Cristian Dezso, "Essays in Corporate Finance and Industrial Organization" (April, 2006).
Committee:  Luis Cabral (Chair), Heski Bar-Isaac, Adam Brandenburger, Nicholas Economides, Bernard Yeung
Abigail S. Hornstein, "Essays on Corporate Capital Budgeting Decisions and Multionational Enterprises" (April, 2005).
Committee:  Bernard Yeung (Chair), David Backus, William Greene, Lawrence White, Daniel Wolfenzon
Minyuan Zhao, "Essays on Multinational R&D, Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Spillover" (April, 2004).
Committee:  Thomas Cooley (Co-Chair), Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), David Backus, William Greene, Rachelle Sampson
Kate M. Kisselev, "Three Essays on Asymmetry and Overaction in International Asset Markets" (July, 2003).
Committee:  David Backus (Chair), Nouriel Roubini, Fabrizio Perri, Anthony Lynch


Michelle Zemel, "Information Content of Loan Growth in Banks" (April, 2012).
Committee:  Yakov Amihud (Chair), Anthony Saunders, Kose John
Justin Birru, "Essays in Behavioral Finance" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Jeffrey Wurgler (Chair), Stephen Figlewski, Andrea Frazzini
Esben Hedegaard, "Essays in Finance" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Lasse Pedersen (Chair), Robert J. Hodrick, Joel Hasbrouck, Marcin Kacperczyk
Farhang Farazamand, "Risk and Asset Returns" (October, 2011).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam,Viral Acharya, Rangarajan Sundaram
Xavier Giroud, "Soft Information and Investment: Evidence from Plant-Level Data" (March, 2011).
Committee:  Holger Mueller (Chair), Kose John, Philipp Schnabl, Daniel Wolfenzon
Jongsub Lee, "Corporate Finance in Family Business Groups" (May, 2010).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair),Rangarajan K. Sundaram, Kose John, Daniel Wolfenzon
Robert Tumarkin, "Essays on Executive Compensation and Behavior" (April, 2010).
Committee:  Jeffrey Wurgler, Xavier Gabaix,
Bryan Kelly, "Essays in Asset Pricing and Financial Econometrics" (April, 2010).
Committee:  Robert Engle (Chair), Alexander Ljungqvist, Xavier Gabaix, Stijin Van Nieuwerburgh
Joel Krasny, "Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing in a Status Conscious Economy" (April, 2010).
Committee:  Rangarajan Sundaram (Chair), Viral Acharya, Yakov Amihud, Gabaix Xavier, Marti Gruber, Anthony Lynch
Jaewon Choi, "The Risk and Return Characteristics of a Firm's Assets" (June, 2009).
Committee:  Matthew Richardson (Chair), Robert Engle, Lasse Pedersen
Hae Jin Chung, "Essays on Corporate Govenance and Managerial Incentives" (May, 2009).
Committee:  Kose John (Chair), Jennifer Carpenter, Daniel Wolfenzon, Enrichetta Ravina
Lorenzo Francisco Naranjo, "Market Frictions, Momentum and Asset Pricing" (April, 2009).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair) Joel Hasbrouck, Stephen Brown, Menachem Brenner, Van Nieuwerburg
Yuanzhi Li, "Essays of Stocks Related to Chapter II Filings" (January, 2009).
Committee:  David Yermack (Co-Chair), Kose John (Co-Chair) Edward Altman
Rik Sen, "Essays on Executive Compensation" (December, 2008).
Committee:  David Yermack (Chair), Jennifer Carpenter, Holger Mueller, Menachem Brenner, Joel Hasbrouck
Amrut Jayant Nashikkar, "Three Essays on Short Sale Constraints in the Bond Market" (October, 2008).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair), Rangarajan Sundaram, Stephen Figlewski, Lasse Pedersen
Sadi Ozelge, "The Role of Landing Banks in Corporate Governance" (July, 2008).
Committee:  Anthony Saunders (Chair), Martin Gruber, Kose John, Holger Mueller
Anh Le, "3 Essays In Fixed Income Modeling" (June, 2007).  Committee:  Rangarajan Sundaram (Co-Chair), Kenneth Singleton (Co-Chair), Yakov Amihud, Jennifer Carpenter, Sanjiv Das, Robert Whitelaw
Jack Favilukis, "Essays on Household Heterogeneity" (June, 2007).
Committee:  Martin Lettau (Chair), Stijn Van Nieuwerburg, Sydney Ludvigson, Anthony Lynch, Tom Sargent
Abhishek Mistry, "Determinants of Stock Return Distributions and Option Implied Volatility Smiles" (June, 2007).
Committee:  Robert Whitelaw (Chair), Robert Engle, Stephen Figlewski
Nikolay Halov, "Asymmetric Information and Capital Structure" (May, 2007).
Committee:  Kose John (Chair), Heitor Almeida, Menachem Brenner
Radu Gabudean, "Firms Interdependence Financial Policies, and Equity Returns" (May, 2007).
Committee:  Rangarajan Sundaram (Chair), Heictor Almeida, Robert Whitelaw, Kose John, Yakov Amihud
Zheng Sun, "Essays on Asset Pricing and Microstructure" (March, 2007)
Committee:  Robert Whitelaw (Co-Chair), Joel Hasbrouck (Co-Chair), Robert Engle, Lasse Pedersen
Yang Lu, "Essays in Corporate Finance/Financial Intermediaries" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Anthony Saunders (Co-Chair), Alexander Ljungqvist (Co-Chair), Kose John, Daniel Wolfenzen
Prachi Deuskar, "Essays on Liquidity and Asset Prices" (February, 2007).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair), Joel Hasbrouck, Lasse Pedersen, Jeffrey Wurgler
Chenyang Wei, "Essays on Corporate Governance" (October, 2006).  Committee:  Kose John (Co-Chair), Matthew Richardson (Co-Chair), Edward Altman, Anthony Saunders, Daniel Wolfenzon, David Yermack
Yuanxing Dong, "Options Market Information and the Pricing of Corporate Bonds and Credit Default Swaps" (October, 2006).
Committee:  Robert Whitelaw (Chair), Robert Engle, Lasse Pedersen
Walter Boudry, "Essays in Real Estate Finance Option Market Information and the Pricing of Corporate Bonds and Credit Default Swaps" (August, 2006).  Committee:  Jarl Kallberg (Co-Chair), Crocker Liu (Co-Chair), Edward Altman, Stephen Brown
Jonathan Spitzer, "Essays in Empirical Finance" (May, 2006).
Committee:  Stephen Brown (Co-Chair), Edwin Elton (Co-Chair), Martin Gruber, Robert Whitelaw
Sinan Tan, "Three Essays in Dynamic Portfolio Choice" (April, 2006).
Committee:  Anthony Lynch (Chair), Joel Hasbrouck, Edwin Elton, Martin Gruber, Matthew Richardson, Lasse Pedersen
Victoria Ivashina, "Essays on Bank Debt and Bank Relationships" (April, 2006).
Committee:  Anthony Saunders (Co-Chair), Kose John (Co-Chair), Alexander Ljungqvist, Daniel Wolfenzon, Holger Mueller
Antonios Sangvinatsos, "Asset Classes and Portfolio Choice" (June, 2005).
Committee:  Robert Whitelaw (Chair), Edwin Elton, Matthew Richardson, Jessica Wachter, Martin Lettau
Olesya Grishchenko, "Essays in Financial Economics" (May, 2005).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair), Stephen Brown, Qiang Dai
Lubomir P. Litov, "Essays In Corporate Finance" (April, 2005).
Committee:  Kose John (Co-Chair), Bernard Yeung (Co-Chair), David Backus, Daniel Wolfenzon Jeffrey Wurgler
Lei Yu, "Market Design, Trading Decisions, Price Formation, and Liquidity with Asymmetric Information" (September, 2004).
Committee:  Robert Engle (Co-Chair), Joel Hasbrouck (Co-Chair) William Greene, Stephen Brown
Vinay Nair, "Essays on Corporate Control and Organization" (March, 2004).  Committee:  Kose John (Chair), Anthony Saunders, Rangarajan Sundaram, David Yermack, Daniel Wolfenzon, Heitor Almeida
Christopher Mann, "The Use of Option Implied Volatility for Asset Pricing Tests" (November, 2003).
Committee:  Stephen Figlewski (Chair), Robert Engle, Martin Gruber
Paolo Pasquariello, "Market Frictions in Domestic and International Financial Markets" (April, 2003).
Committee:  Marti Subrahmanyam (Chair), Joel Hasbrouck, Jarl Kallberg, William Allen, Lasse Pedersen, Menachem Brenner, Rangarajan Sundaram

Information Systems

Beibei Li, "Analyzing Consumer Behavior on Product Search Engines" (June, 2012).
Committee:  Anindya Ghose (Chair), Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Russell S. Winer
Nikolay Archak, "Understanding, Exploiting And Shaping Individual Behavior In Crowdsourcing Markets" (November, 2011).
Committee:  Panagiotis Ipeirotis (Chair), Anindya Ghose, Arun Sundararajan
Ning Su, "Three Essays on Chinese IT Service Industry: Capability Development, Internationalization Strategy, and Cultural Templates" (October, 2010).  Committee:  Natalia Levina (Chair), Dough Guthrie, Gino Cattani, Sinan Aral
Manuel Arriaga de Castro, "WEB 2.0 and User - Generated Content" (October, 2010).
Committee:  Natalia Levina (Chair), Foster Provost, Arun Sundararajan, Anindya Ghose, Helen Nissenbaum
Akhmed Umyarov, "Improving Probabilistic Models for Recommender Systems with Aggregate Data" (June, 2010).
Committee:  Alexander Tuzhilin (Chair), Arun Sundararajan, Foster Provost
Rong Zheng, "Two Essays on Data Mining Approach to Customer Personalization" (July, 2009).
Committee:  Alexander Tuzhilin (Chair), Foster Provost, Anindya Ghose
Mingdi Xin, "From Product to Service-Oriented Strategies" (October, 2008).
Committee:  Roy Radner (Chair), Natalia Levina, Arun Sundararajan
Tianyi Jiang, "Generalized Approach to Customer Segmentation and Building Predictive Models of Customer Behavior" (April, 2008).  Committee:  Alexander Tuzhilin (Chair), Sha Yang, Yuxin Chen
Gal Oestreicher-Singer, "Network Structure in Electronic Commerce" (April, 2008).
Committee:  Arun Sundararajan (Chair), Vasant Dhar, Nicholas Economides, William Greene, Panagiotis Ipeirotis,
Caryn Conley, "Design for Quality: The Case of Open Source Software Development" (March, 2008).
Committee:  Lee Sproull (Chair), Natalia Levina, Panos Ipeirotis, Pat Shrout
Ekaterina Drozdova, "Technology and Organizational Risks: How Organizations Use Technology to Counter or Cloak Their Vulnerabilities" (March, 2008).  Committee:  Roy Radner (Co-Chair), Roger Dunbar (Co-Chair), Foster Provost
Sameer Bajaj, "First Impression Formation in Electronic Profiles" (October, 2007).
Committee:  Lee Sproull (Chair), Natalia Levine, J.S. Uleman
Ke-Wei Huang, "Optimal and Equilibrium Pricing Metrics or Digital Goods" (May, 2007).
Committee:  Roy Radner (Chair), Anindya Ghose, Joel Steckel, Arun Sundararajan
Shawndra Hill, "Deriving Value from Consumer Networks" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Foster Provost (Chair), Arun Sundararajan, Chris Volinsky
Zhong Wen, "Essays on Pricing in Electronic Markets and Competitive Mass Customization" (November, 2006).
Committee:  Bing Jing (Chair), Yannis Bakos, Arun Sundarajan
Miguel Angel Campo Rembado, "Entry and Growth of Science Based Technology Firms Deconstructing the Process Of Resourse Accumulation" (June, 2006).  Committee:  Arun Sundararajan (Chair), Roy Radner, Hector Almeida, Juan Alcacer
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan, "Essays on Information Systems and Contracting" (April, 2005).
Committee:  Arun Sundararajan (Chair), Roy Radner, Yannis Bakos, Mariagiovanna Baccara
Claudia Reisz, "Probability Estimation in Multi-Relational Domains" (March, 2005).
Committee:  Foster Provost (Chair), Vasant Dhar, Jeffrey Simonoff
Ravindra Nath Mantena, "Essays on Digital Convergence" (September, 2004).
Committee:  Arun Sundararajan (Chair), Roy Radner, Nicholas Economides
Evangelos Katsamakas, "Two-Sided Networks: Implication for Internet Intermediaries and Technology Platforms" (August, 2004).  Committee:  Yannis Bakos (Chair), Nicholas Economides, Bing Jing, Arun Sundararajan
Jae Yun Moon, "Identification Processes in Distributed Electronic Groups: A Study of Voluntary Technical Support Groups on the Net" (January, 2003).  Committee:  Lee Sproull (Chair), Michael Davern, Foster Provost, Batia Wiesenfeld


Natalya Vinokurova, "The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Failure of Analogical Reasoning" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Adam Brandenburger (Chair), Richard Sylla, Giovanni Gavetti, Zur Shapira
Andrea Prado, "Essays on Industry Self-Regulation: Competition Among Environmental and Labor Certifications in the Cut-Flower Industry" (August, 2011).  Committee:  Adam Brandenburger and Andrew King (Co-Chairs), Melissa Schilling, Robert Salomon
Ji-Hyun Kim, "Essays On Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning" (April, 2011).
Committee:  Zur Shapira (Chair), Gino Cattani, Christina Fang, Robert Salomon, Sridhar Seshadri
Tina Opie, "On the Outskirts and Wanting In: How Peripherality Perceptions Shape Individual Engagement in Groups" (April, 2010).  Committee:  Elizabeth Morrison (Chair), Batia Wiesenfeld, Steven Blade, Rachel Ettenger
Justin Miller, "Inventing Hedge Funds: A Comparative Study of Institutional and Individual Entrepreneurship In Ambiguously Regulated Environments" (March, 2010). Committee:  Doug Guthrie (Chair), Joe Porac, Stephen Brown
Ashton Hawk, "Firm Heterogeneity and Strategy Dynamics: The Antecedents and Consequences of Speed Capabilities" (January, 2010).  Committee:  Bernard Yeung, (Co-Chair), Goncalo Pocheco (Co-Chair), Luis Cabral, Juan Alcacer
Maritza Salazar, "Understanding the Facilitators and Barriers to Knowledge Creation: An Investigation of Interdisciplinary Teams in a Medical Context" (August, 2009). Committee:  Theresa Lant (Chair), Aimee Kane, Zur Shapira
Nancy Lam, "Passing the Baton: Middle Managers as Conduits of Employee Improvement-Oriented Voice" (March, 2009).
Committee:  Francis Milliken (Chair), Joe Magee, Theresa Lant
Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, "Who Am I Now ? The Structure and Effects of Work Based Social Identities During Involuntary Employment Transitions" (March, 2009).  Committee:  Amy Wrzesniewski (Chair), Gina Dokko, Batia Wiesenfeld, Joseph Porac
Ebony N. Bridwell-Mitchell, "Reinterpreting Responsiveness: Exploring the Micro-Social Dynamics of Institutional Preocesses in Public Schools" (April, 2008).  Committee:  Stephen Mezias (Chair), Dorothy Shipps, Theresa Lant, Ray Reagans
Naomi Rothman, "How to Lose Friends but Make Others Think: The Social Consequences of Expressing Emotional Ambivalence" (March, 2008).  Committee:  Batia Wiesenfeld (Chair), Sally Blount-Lyon, Elizabeth Morrison, Steve Blader
Sophie Leroy, "Being Present but not Fully There: The Effect of Switching Work Tasks on Subsequent Task Engagement and Performance" (March, 2007).  Committee:  Sally Blount (Chair), Lee Sproull, Peter Goldwitzer, Batia Wiesenfeld
Linda Dunn-Jensen, "Unmasking Face Time: The Implications of Visibility Pressures at the Office" (April, 2006).
Committee:  Frances Milliken (Chair), Amy Wrzesniewski, Steve Blader
Susan Perkins, "Does Prior Experience Really Pay? Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Environments and Firm Performance" (April, 2006).  Committee:  Bernard Yeung (Chair), Juan Alcacer, Rachel Sampson, Goncalo Pacheco, Jeffrey Robinson
Michel Anteby, "Work, Meaning And Identity: A Study Of Semi-Clandestine Factory Interactions" (April, 2005).
Committee:  Amy Wrzesniewski (Chair), Erhard Friedberg, Joseph Porac, William Starbuck, Irene Thery, Florence Weber
Andac Arikan, "A Socio-Cognitive Model of the Emergence of Entrepreneurial Regions and the Influence of Venture Capital Availability on Regional Entrepreneurial Outcomes" (June, 2004).  Committee:  Theresa Lant (Chair), Steve Mezias, William Guth, Kent Miller
Gary (Gerson) Dushnitsky, "Limitations to Inter-Organizational Knowledge Acquisition: The Paradox of Corporate Venture Capital" (April, 2004).  Committee:  Myles Shaver (Co-Chair), Zur Shapira (Co-Chair) Ari Ginsburg, Bernard Yeung, Michael Lenox
Elizabeth Boyle, "Entrepreneurship and New Industry Emergence: The American Film Industry, 1896-1928" (December, 2003).  Committee:  Steve Mezias (Chair), Theresa Lant, Michelle Gittelman
Michael Barnett, "Cooperation Among Rivals in Pursuit of Institutional Change: Three Essays on the Antecedents, Process and Outcome" (August, 2003).  Committee:  William Starbuck (Chair), Andy King, Brian Uzzi
Mikelle Calhoun, "Country Risk: Its Measurement and Impact on Foreign Direct Investment" (June, 2003).
Committee:  William Guth (Chair), Roger Dunbar, William Starbuck
Patricia Hewlin, "And the Award for Best Actor Goes to.. :Facades of Conformity in Organizational Settings" (April, 2003).
Committee:  Elizabeth Morrison (Chair), Batia Wiesenfeld, Amy Wrzesniewski
Daniel Beunza Ibanez, "The Social Qualities of Quantitative Finance" (April, 2003).
Committee:  William Guth (Chair), David Stark, Raghu Garud


Mantian Hu, "Word-of-Mouth, Social Learning, and Network Effects as Mechanisms of Social Contagion" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Russell Winer (Chair), Shai Yang, Tulin Erdem, Daniel Yu
Wenbo Wang, "Essays on Lifestyle Formation and Pro-social Behavior" (March, 2012).
Committee:  Yuxin Chen and Russell Winer (Co-Chairs), Sam Hui
Sue Ryung Chang, "Learning Dynamics in Product Relaunch" (March 2012).
Committee:  Tulin Erdem (Chair), Vishal Singh, Peter Golder, Yesim Orhun, Daniel Xu
Rachel Shacham, "Essays on the Econometric Analysis of Difficult To Observe Phenomena" (February, 2011).
Committee:  Peter Golder (Co-Chair), Tulin Erdem, (Co-Chair), Russ Winer
Edith Scope-Shalev, "How Low Can I Go: The Comparative Effect of Low status Users on Buying Intentions" (February, 2010).
Committee:  Geeta Menon, Yaacov Trope, Justin Kruger, Tom Meyvis
Eleanor Kyung, "Malleable Memories: The Role of Construal Mindsets in Reconstructing Past Events" (February, 2010).
Committee:  Geeta Menon (Chair), Vicki Morwitz, Amitav Chakravarti, Tom Meyvis, Yaacov Trope
Aronte Bennett, "The Influence of Motivated Reasoning on the Processing of Corporate Social Responsibility Information" (December, 2009).  Committee:  Durairaj Maheswaran (Chair), Amitav Chakravarti, Barry Cohen, Tom Meyvis
Jeff Galak, "Predicting, Experiencing, and Reducing Hedonic Adaptation" (April, 2009).
Committee:  Justin Kruger (Chair), Tom Meyvis, Leif Nelson
Sherif Nasser, "Contemporary Issues in Media & Entertainment" (June, 2008).
Committee:  Eitan Muller (Co-Chair), Yuxin Chen (Co-Chair) Nicholas Economides, Tulin Erdim, Joel Steckel
Pragya Mathur, "Brand Alliance: An Information Processing Perspective" (April, 2008).
Committee:  Durairaj Maheswaran (Chair),
Munevver Ulkumen, "The Role of Time Frames on Consumer Budgeting: Why Feelings of Confidence Bias Budget Estimates" (April, 2007).  Committee:  Vicki Morwitz (Chair), Tom Meyvis, Amitar Chakravarti
Vishal Narayan, "Modeling Dyadic Relationships and Preference Interdependence Between Consumers" (March, 2007).
Committee:  Russ Winer (Co-Chair), Sha Yang (Co-Chair), William Greene
Cenk Bulbul, "Influence of Concrete and Abstract Regret on Choice Set Size Preference" (January, 2007).
Committee:  Tom Meyvis (Chair), Geeta Menon, Yaacov Trope, Leif Nelson, Amitav Chakravarti
Zheyin Gu, "Essays on Imperfect Rationality" (January, 2007).
Committee:  Yuxin Chen (Chair), Joel Steckel, Sha Yang, Anindya Ghose
Manoj Thomas, "The Role of Subjective Ease In Numerical Judgements: Implications for Pricing Cognition" (March, 2006).
Committee:  Geeta Menon (Co-Chair), Vickie Morwitz ( Co-Chair), Tom Meyvis, Yaacov Trope, Russell Winer, Amitav Chakravarti
Joseph Pancras, "Essays on Consumer Personalization and Channel Competition" (August, 2005).
Committee:  Joel Steckel (Co-Chair), K. Sudhir (Co-Chair), Russ Winer, Yuxin Chen
Nidhi Agrawal, "Observing Outcome-Bias Through The Eyes of Consumers" (June, 2005).
Committee:  Durairaj Maheswaran (Co-Chair), Geta Menon (Co-Chair) Tom Meyvis, Leif Nelson, Yaacov Trope
Sergio Meza, "Investigating the Strategic Pricing Behavior of Retailers" (July, 2004).
Committee:  Joel Steckel (Co-Chair), K. Sudir (Co-Chair), Yuxin Chen, Peter Golder, Penelope Goldberg
Sooyeon Lee, "Effects of Communicating Emotions on Consumer Perceptions of Fairness" (April, 2004).
Committee:  Kim Corfman (Chair), Tom Meyvis, Geeta Menon, Lisa Bolton, Tom Tyler
Dmitri Markvitich, "Using Capital Markets as Market Intelligence" (April, 2004).
Committee:  Joel Steckel (Chair), Peter Golder, Bernard Yeung
Sucharita Chandran, "Effects of Participative Pricing on Consumers' Cognitions and Actions - A Goal Theoretic Perspective" (April, 2003).  Committee:  Vicki Morwitz (Chair), Erif Greenleaf, Geeta Menon, Tom Meyvis, Peter Goldwitzer


Xing Hu, "Towards the Theory of Efficient Resource Sharing in Business Alliances" (December, 2011).
Committee:  Rene Caldentey (Chair), Robert Shumsky, Gustavo Vulcavo
Nikolay Osadchiy, "Forecasting and Revenue Management in Retailing" (April, 2010).
Committee:  Sridhar Seshadri (Chair), Vishal Gaur, Gustavo Vulcano, Sridhar Seshadri
Dana Popescu, "Revenue Management with Forward and Spot Trading" (July, 2009).
Committee:  Sridhar Seshadri (Chair), Arun Sundararajan, Ganesh Janakiraman, Gustavo Vulcano
Andrey Torzhkov, "Modeling and Managing Congested Systems with Customers Sensitive to Past Delays" (September, 2008).  Committee:  Sridhar Seshadri, Joshua Reed, Mor Armony
Anshoul Sheopuri, "Contractural and Operational Issues in Sourcing Decisions" (September, 2007).
Committee:  Ganesh Janakiraman (Chair), Sridhar Seshadri, Eitan Zemel
Vladimir Krasik, "Essays on Inventory Control and Scheduling in Deterministic and Stochastic Systems" (August, 2007).
Committee:  Michael Pinedo (Chair), Jiawei Zhang, Victor Araman
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