We love to hear from our PhD alumni and share with others what fellow alumni are up to. Please keep the doctoral office posted with any address or career changes by e-mailing us at or by contacting Donna Lashley at

When there are PhD-specific events where alumni can reconnect, we will post that information here. And for alumni who have not received our PhD newsletters in the mail, you can download and enjoy them here.

Fall 2010 PhD Newsletter image

Fall 2010

  • Women in Stern's PhD program
  • Cheese for Charity in the Himalayas
  • Alumni Conference review
Fall 2008 PhD Newsletter image

Fall 2008

  • Henry Kaufman spotlight
  • Manju Puri (PhD '95)
  • Jennifer Totsi asks "Who Am I Now?"
Winter 2008 PhD Newsletter image

Winter 2008

  • Director Joel Steckel salutes Ned Elton
  • Marketing Program Highlights
  • Albert Aiello (PhD '77) & Priya Raghubir (PhD '94) spotlight
Winter 2007 PhD Newsletter Image

Winter 2007

  • Paul Willensky alumni spotlight
  • Marty Gruber's 65th Birthday Celebration
  • Michael Anteby studies gray zones
Summer 2007 PhD Newsletter Image

Summer 2007

  • Encouraging Collaborative Research
  • Verne Atwater alumni spotlight
  • Stern's highly significant statistician: Ernie Kurnow
Summer 2006 PhD Newsletter Image

Summer 2006

  • Conversation with Gabriel Hawawini
  • Bill Starbuck moves on
  • Professor Elton reports on incoming class

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