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Past Issues

Spring 2017 | The Future is FinTech

article The Fintech RevolutionStern maintains its leadership in the financial industry by launching a fintech specialization, a first among top business schools.
A Better World, Through Better Businesschangemaker and lifelong sustainability advocate Tensie Whelan focuses her vision on the business world by launching Stern's new Center for Sustainable Business.
Andrea Bonomi (BS '86), Chairman and Founder of Investindustrial: reimagines private equity for the 21st century.
James Cracchiolo (BS '80, MBA '85), Chairman and CEO of Ameriprise Financial: in conversation with Professor Matthew Richardson about building a values-driven company.
Tapasya Bali (MBA '08): discusses her switch from finance to retail, launching YOGASMOGA, a high-end yoga apparel brand.
Seth Brodie (BS '09): shares his journey to Hollywood and his role at the intersection of finance and strategy.
A Look Back: the symbolism of NYU's iconic torch holds true today at Stern.

Spring 2016

Meet Alison Mass

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spring 2015

Spring 2015

Opening the Door

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STERNbusiness Fall 2014 115x140

Fall 2014

Staying Connected

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STERNbusiness Spring 2014: Unlocking Potential. Unleashing Ambition. 115x140

Spring 2014

Unlocking Potential. Unleashing Ambition.

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STERNbusiness Fall 2013: West Meets East

Fall 2013

West Meets East

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Spring/Summer 2013

How Sweet It Is

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Fall/Winter 2012

The Closers

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 sternbusiness spring summer 2012

Spring/Summer 2012

In It To Win It

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sternbusiness fall/winter 2011

Fall/Winter 2011

World, City, Business

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 stern business spring summer 2011 cover

Spring/Summer 2011

Putting on the Ritz

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

Meet Stern's New Dean

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Fall/Winter 2009

Fall/Winter 2009

Meet Stern's New Dean

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2009 image

Spring/Summer 2009

Fixing our Broken Economy

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2008 image

Fall/Winter 2008

Soft Landing

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2008 image

Spring/Summer 2008

The Values Proposition

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2007 image

Fall/Winter 2007

Alumni Gather Under the Tuscan Sun

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2007 image

Spring/Summer 2007

Meet Today's Stern Undergrads

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2006 image

Fall/Winter 2006

Return of the Native Son

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 SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2006

Spring/Summer 2006

Peter Drucker, 1909 - 2005

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 SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2005

Fall/Winter 2005

High Rise

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2005

Spring/Summer 2005


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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2004

Fall/Winter 2004

Brand News

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2004

Spring/Summer 2004

The Latest Models

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2003

Fall/Winter 2003

The Producers

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2003

Spring/Summer 2003

Crossing Borders

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2002

Fall/Winter 2002

The New, New Economy

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2002

Spring/Summer 2002

Information Nation

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2001

Fall/Winter 2001

Creative Thinking:
Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2001 image

Spring/Summer 2001

Taking Stock of Our Financial Times

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SternBusiness Fall/Winter 2000

Fall/Winter 2000

The City And The Digital Economy

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SternBusiness Spring/Summer 2000

Spring/Summer 2000

Redefining Value in The New Economy

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SternBusiness Summer/Fall 1999

Summer/Fall 1999

Thats Entertainment

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SternBusiness Fall 1998

Fall 1998

All About Money

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