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Business & Society Program

Centers & Initiatives


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Center for Business & Human Rights

Led by Founder and Director Michael Posner, the Center advances a “pro-business, high standards” model. Center staff research the impact of common industry practices on workers and communities, and engage with companies and external stakeholders to develop industry-level solutions to address human rights challenges. The Center’s research is integrated with NYU Stern's curriculum to empower future business leaders to make practical progress on human rights performance. 
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Center for Sustainable Business

Led by Director Tensie Whelan, the Center for Sustainable Business aims to help current and future business leaders embrace proactive and innovative mainstreaming of sustainability, resulting in competitive advantage and resiliency for their companies as well as a positive impact for society. The Center offers research opportunities, as well as internship and job connections for students.
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Ethical Systems

Ethical Systems is founded on the conviction, backed by research, that in the long run, good ethics is good business. Our collaborators are top researchers-- most of them are faculty at leading business schools--who believe that wise leaders take a holistic, systematic approach to organizational culture in order to foster greater integrity in business. Housed in NYU Stern's Business and Society Program, Ethical System's mission is to harness research, from leaders in academia, to transform the ethical practice of business in the corporate world.