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Business & Society Program


The Business and Society Program hosts numerous events throughout the year

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Business & Society Spring Webinar Series

Navigating a New Order: Business Responsibility and Opportunity in the Post-Trump Era

The Biden administration assumes office as the US-and the world-face challenging headwinds. Business leaders are being forced to take a stand on everything from racism and inequality, to immigration, climate change, and threats to democracy. Employees increasingly demand a voice, and there is a perception that capitalism no longer works for the average American. This series explores how business can take a proactive role in helping society tackle these challenges responsibly and collaboratively.

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Signature Business & Society Events

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Ashok C. Sani Distinguished Scholars In Residence Lecture

Ashok C. Sani (BS ’74), for whom this lecture is named, was a distinguished graduate, successful entrepreneur, President of C.G.S. Industries Inc., loyal supporter of NYU, and the founding member of the NYU Stern Alumni Council. The Ashok Sani Scholar program shares Mr. Sani’s interest in ethics, truth, peace, compassion and the moral and social responsibilities of members of society with the NYU Stern community.

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Haitkin Lecture

The annual Haitkin Lecture is a forum dedicated to the examination of issues of integrity and ethics in business. It is a special opportunity that allows for the Stern students to listen to and ask questions of extraordinary individuals from academia, practice, and the press. The Haitkin Lecture was established through the generosity of Stern alumnus Jeffrey Haitkin, BS ’68.

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