Educational Offerings

Integrating sustainability into Stern's curriculum

How do today’s business leaders create value throughout their evolving ecosystem? Industry leaders need to understand the complex set of environmental and social issues affecting their business, as well as the changing expectations of the role of business. To create value, businesses must consider: customers, shareholders, and employees as well as suppliers, civil society, governments and the natural and human resources on which they depend.
The Center’s philosophy is that sustainability should be embedded into the standard business school curriculum.  The Center will work with business and NGO leaders, and faculty members to develop undergraduate, MBA and executive education courses on sustainability.  The Center will also work with academic departments to incorporate sustainability themes into their core curricula and electives. Topics on environmental and social issues affecting business will include managing, marketing and financing sustainability.

"As a business student, I have the power to use my education to create positive and sustainable change on challenges such as climate change, water scarcity, and growing inequity. More and more, I realize that addressing these challenges  -- reducing our footprint and developing innovative solutions -- is an imperative, not an option. The Center for Sustainable Business will be an increasingly relevant resource for business students like me."

- Jessica Guo (BS '17)
Vice President of NYU Net Impact Chapter