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Executive Opportunities

Executive programs at Stern help business leaders embed sustainability in their organizations' core business strategies.
NYU Stern offers several certificate courses throughout the year in corporate sustainability and sustainable finance, taught by CSB Director and Clinical Professor Tensie Whelan and other esteemed faculty. These courses equip participants with the ability to help their business be a force for change through ESG (environment, social, and governance) investing, sustainable supply chain management, employee and consumer engagement, sustainability marketing, and more. With companies facing greater demands for transparency, societal challenges such as poverty and inequity as well as natural resource constraints like less available water and a warmer climate, these skills are critical to the future of business and society. Stern also offers sustainable business courses of study through the MBA and Executive MBA programs.

Certificate Programs

Our Executive Certificate Programs offer professionals the opportunity to build their leadership skills in sustainable business through online and in-person courses including the two-day courses Sustainability Training for Business Leaders and Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing, as well as our 14-week course in Corporate Sustainability.
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Programs for Organizations

Custom tailor a program for your organization that equips business leaders with sophisticated sustainability-based management skills. To date, CSB has worked with companies such as Nespresso USA, Domtar, and financial services companies to offer bespoke sustainability education to their employees
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Asynchronous Courses

Free, open source asynchronous courses for corporate professionals and PE portfolio companies to help improve the design and execution of sustainability strategies that will unlock better financial performance. These courses can be executed on your own time frame and covers everything from developing ESG materiality and sustainability strategies to defining and tracking sustainability-related financial returns to governance and culture topics.

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CSB has engaged 5,000+ corporate professionals through customized courses led by Tensie Whelan. To learn more about our executive education offerings, please reach out to
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