NYU Stern
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Business Program

The NYU Stern Undergraduate College offers 10 areas of study:

**Global Business can only be taken as a co-concentration.  Please select a primary concentration to supplement the Global Business concentration.

Please note that requirements for certain areas of study may differ depending on whether you are taking it as a concentration versus a track. Please see the specific area of study to determine your selections:

Students may also pursue a secondary major outside of Stern through the College of Arts and Sciences after consulting with a Stern academic adviser.

Learning Goals

The NYU Stern faculty developed and approved the following four guiding educational principles in 2005 as the foundational goals for the Bachelor of Science in Business degree program at NYU Stern. These goals describe the knowledge, skills, and values that we expect our students to have attained upon completion of their undergraduate program study.

I. Achieve proficiency: Students will achieve professional levels of competence in core functions of business, including oral and written communication
II. Intellectualism: Students will exhibit intellectual curiosity, high levels of intellectual engagement, and open mindedness to new ideas and alternative points of view
III. Collaboration: Students will develop the skills needed to thrive in groups, organizations, and communities
IV. Social impact: Students will achieve understanding of the role of business within our global society