Short-Term Immersions

Short-term programs are a great opportunity to enrich your academic experiences by combining coursework with international travel. These short-term programs are only open to NYU Stern students.  

MULT-UB 45: The Middle East: Culture, Markets and Strategies

Palace in Abu Dhabi

Stern Around the World in Abu Dhabi

In your junior or senior year, travel to Abu Dhabi to examine key cultural, economic, political, and social structures in the Middle East, and assess their implications for business strategies.

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BSPA-UB 45: Sustainability Consulting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Volcano

Stern Around the World in Costa Rica

Study sustainable business and gain hands-on consulting experience.

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BSPA-UB 2000: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Two boats on a lake in Ghana

Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Travel to Accra, Ghana to assist with a social entrepreneurship project in a local community.

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