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Undergraduate Current Students | Short-Term Immersions

Short-Term Immersions

Short-term programs are a great opportunity to enrich your academic experiences by combining coursework with international travel. These short-term programs are only open to NYU Stern students.  

MULT-UB 136: The Global Business of Work: Fur Trade & Fair (?) Trade to AI

Four images left to right - farm field, auto assembly line, cows and rows of data servers

Stern Around the World: USA

Explore the 400 year period that brought the Unites States of America from a colonized nation to one of the largest global trading powers in the world. 

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OPMG-UB 312: Operations in Panama: A man. A plan. A canal

SAW Panama Program Image - Image of the Panama Canal with two boats going through

Stern Around the World: Panama

Explore the history of the Panama Canal and its effect on the global shipping supply chain. 

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MULT-UB 131: Economy & Business in Singapore

Image of Singapore Bay with Lion Fountain, hotel and Ferris wheel

Stern Around the World: Singapore

Explore the different facets of management, society, governance and the economy in the city state of Singapore.

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FINC-UB 37: Real Estate Global Markets: Mexico City

Mexico City's Zocalo with a Mexican flag in front of Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Stern Around the World: Mexico

Explore the different facets of real estate investment, development, and technology innovation in Mexico.

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BSPA-UB 2000: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Two boats on a lake in Ghana

Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Travel to Accra, Ghana to assist with a social entrepreneurship project in a local community.
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MULT-UB 135: Economy & Business in Japan

View of Tokyo city skyline at sunset

Stern Around the World: Japan

Explore the different facets of management, society, the economy and politics in Japan.  

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MULT-UB 134: Business & Economy of the Netherlands

Image of a bridge with a bike on it and many bikes parked along both sides of the canal in The Netherlands

Stern Around the World: The Netherlands

Explore what makes the Netherlands the country it is today.

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