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Please note the following details when completing the Recommendations section of the online application.

Two recommendations are required with your application. Professional recommendations are strongly preferred over academic recommendations. One recommendation must come from your current supervisor. If a recommendation from your current supervisor cannot be included, you must provide an explanation in optional Essay 3.

Recommendations should come from individuals who can objectively assess your professional performance and your potential for success in Stern's MBA program and in your future career. Recommendations from family members, family friends and close friends are discouraged.

You are required to have all of your recommendations submitted online. Our online application will prompt you to electronically send your recommenders instructions for completing and submitting our online Recommendation Form.

If your recommender cannot submit an online recommendation, you must email sternmba@stern.nyu.edu to explain the circumstances and request approval for your recommender to submit a paper recommendation. If your recommender cannot complete a recommendation in English, he/she will need to complete a paper recommendation. The recommender will then need to have the recommendation translated into English. A certified English translation through a translating service must be obtained and submitted in a sealed envelope with the original recommendation, endorsed across the seal. View or download the Recommendation Form for use as a reference only.

Submitting more than two recommendations is not necessary but allowed. Any recommendations in addition to the required two should provide the Admissions Committee with a unique perspective not provided by your first two recommenders.

Admissions Tip:
  • Ask your recommenders to begin your recommendations months before they are needed. You want to give them ample time to write compelling recommendations on your behalf. You may want to provide them with materials on Stern and yourself (e.g., résumé and Essay 1) as background information.
  • If you have previously started an application, but decided to postpone applying, we encourage you to submit updated recommendations for the current application. 
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