Our Curriculum

NYU Stern’s PhD program is full time, with students admitted only for the fall semester. The typical completion time is five years.


Before beginning the doctoral program, students must satisfy prerequisites in calculus, matrix/linear algebra, microeconomics, macroeconomics, probability and statistics.

The program begins with coursework consisting of foundational tools (e.g., probability, statistics, economics, econometrics) along with courses in the major area of study. Each student's course of study is designed by the student and an advisor with the student's specific interests in mind. As such, there is plenty of room for electives in related areas (e.g., psychology, sociology, computer science, economics, etc.) as appropriate.

The courses are accompanied by research practica. These are structured as tutorials in which students work closely with faculty members whose research is related to the students’ areas of interest. The interaction between students and faculty in the research practica is a key component of doctoral training at NYU Stern. Students often formulate dissertation topics and publish papers as a result of their experiences in the practica.

After completing core coursework in the major field, students must pass a comprehensive examination. This is typically given at the end of the first or second year, depending on the department. Students must also take a teaching practicum. During the latter two to three years of the doctoral program, PhD candidates work on their own research with the help of faculty advisers, present their research at conferences, and finally, defend their dissertations.

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